Journal of International Accounting Research - Abstracts

Journal of International Accounting Research
Corporate ownership structure and accuracy and bias of mandatory earnings forecast: evidence from Taiwan.Business, internationalChin, Chen-Lung, Kleinman, Gary, Lee, Picheng, Lin, Mei-Feng
Does the threat of private litigation increase the usefulness of reported earnings? International evidence.Business, internationalKhurana, Inder K., Raman, K.K., Wang, Dechun
Earnings thresholds related to dividend covers.(Report)Business, internationalBradbury, Michael E., Bennett, Bruce
Empirical evidence on jurisdictions that adopt IFRS.Business, internationalHope, Ole-Kristian, Jin, Justin, Kang, Tony
IFRS in the U.S., it may come sooner than you think: a commentary.(International Financial Reporting Standards)(Report)Business, internationalStreet, Donna L., Linthicum, Cheryl L.
Merit pay, responsibility, and national values: a U.S.-Taiwan comparison.Business, internationalSalter, Stephen B., Brody, Richard G., Lin, Suming
On the association between changes in corporate ownership and changes in auditor quality in a transitional economy.(Report)Business, internationalFang Zhang, K. Hung Chan, Kenny Z. Lin
The effects of the Mexican Corporate Governance Code on quality of earnings and its components.(Report)Business, internationalMachuga, Susan, Teitel, Karen
The influence of culture on tax systems internationally: a theoretical and empirical analysis.(Report)Business, internationalRichardson, Grant
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