Journal of International Economics - Abstracts

Journal of International Economics
Administered protection for workers: an analysis of the trade adjustment assistance program.EconomicsMagee, Christopher
Advantageous Reallocations.EconomicsLeonard, D., Manning, R.
A 'Reciprocal Dumping' Model of International Trade.EconomicsBrander, J., Krugman, P.
Are knowledge spillovers international or intranational in scope? Microeconometric evidence from the U.S. and Japan.EconomicsBranstetter, Lee G.
Backward-looking indexation, credibility and inflation persistence.EconomicsGhezzi, Piero
Capital Markets and Urban Unemployment.EconomicsKhan, M.A., Naqvi, S.N.H.
Contracts, intellectual property rights, and multinational investment in developing countries.EconomicsMarkusen, James R.
Coordination, cooperation, contagion and currency crises.EconomicsLoisel, Olivier, Martin, Philippe
Deepening of regional integration and multilateral trade agreements.EconomicsWinters, L. Alan, Bond, Eric W., Syropoulos, Constantinos
Determinants of the Japan premium: actions speak louder than words.EconomicsPeek, Joe, Rosengren, Eric S.
Fiscal policy, the terms of trade, and the external balance.EconomicsGhosh, Atish R.
Foreign direct investment and spillovers through workers' mobility.EconomicsFosfuri, Andrea, Motta, Massimo, Ronde, Thomas
In search of substitution between foreign production and exports.EconomicsBlonigen, Bruce A.
Intellectual property rights, licensing, and innovation in an endogenous product-cycle model.EconomicsYang, Guifang, Maskus, Keith E.
Internalization: an event study test.EconomicsMorck, Randall, Yeung, Bernard
International investment location decisions: the case of U.S. firms.EconomicsWheeler, David, Mody, Ashoka
Nominal exchange rates and monetary fundamentals Evidence from a small post-Bretton woods panel.EconomicsMark, Nelson C., Sul, Donggyu
On the Best Use of Trade Controls in the Presence of Foreign Market Power.EconomicsTower, E.
On the Relationship between the Exchange Regime and the Portfolio Rules of Optimizing Agents.EconomicsEnders, W., Lapan, N.E.
Optimal Tariff Calculations in Alternative Trade Models and Some Possible Implications for Current World Trading Arrangements.EconomicsHamilton, B., Whalley, J.
Quasi-specific factors: worker comparative advantage in the two-sector production model.EconomicsRuffin, Roy J.
Real exchange rates in the short, medium, and long run.EconomicsGlen, Jack D.
Restricted Stock Markets in Simple General Equilibrium Models with Production Uncertainty.EconomicsPomery, J.
Speculation, incomplete currency market participation, and nonfundamental movements in nominal and real exchange rates.EconomicsBarnett, Richard C.
Speed of adjustment and self-fulfilling failure of economic reform.EconomicsMehlum, Halvor
Spill-over effects of supply-side changes in a two-country economy with capital accumulation.EconomicsOno, Yoshiyasu, Shibata, Akihisa
Standardization policy and international trade.EconomicsGandal, Neil, Shy, Oz
Tariff jumping foreign investment and capital taxation.EconomicsWeichenrieder, Alfons J., Dehejia, Vivek H.
Tax policy and consumer spending: evidence from Japanese fiscal experiments.EconomicsWatanabe, Tsutomu, Watanabe, Katsunori, Watanabe, Takayuki
The Demand for Foreign Bonds.EconomicsStulz, R.M.
The effect of capital controls on interest rate differentials.EconomicsHerrera, Luis Oscar, Valdes, Rodrigo O.
The equilibrium ownership of an international oligopoly.EconomicsHorn, Henrik, Persson, Lars
The foreign exchange risk premium in a target zone with devaluation risk.EconomicsSvensson, Lars E.O.
The growth of world trade: tariffs, transport costs, and income similarity.EconomicsBaier, Scott L., Bergstrand, Jeffrey H.
The J-Curve, Rational Expectations, and the Stability of the Flexible Exchange Rate System.EconomicsLevin, J.H.
The morning after: explaining the slowdown in Japanese growth in the 1990s.EconomicsBayoumi, Tamim
The Possibility of an Immiserizing Transfer Under Uncertainty.EconomicsFries, T.
The role of consumption substitutability in the international transmission of monetary shocks.EconomicsTille, Cedric
The sufficiency of the `lens condition' for factor price equalization in the case of two factors.EconomicsXiang, Chong
Two-sided expropriation and international equity contracts.EconomicsEnglish, William B., Cole, Harold L.
Welfare Aspects of the Transfer Problem.EconomicsYano, M.
What's on THE NET for international economists?(Internet sites for economists interested in international issues)EconomicsHaveman, Jon
Why are so many antidumping petitions withdrawn?EconomicsPrusa, Thomas J.
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