Journal of Personality and Social Psychology - Abstracts

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Accuracy of judgments of sexual orientation from thin slices of behavior.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workAmbady, Nalini, Conner, Brett, Hallahan, Mark
A longitudinal study of emotion expression and personality relations in early development.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workIzard, Carroll E., Abe, Jo Ann A.
An investment model prediction of dating infidelity.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workDrigotas, Stephen M., Safstrom, C. Annette, Gentilia, Tiffany
Are there "his" and "hers" types of interdependence? The implications of gender differences in collective versus relational interdependence for affect, behavior, and cognition.Sociology and social workGabriel, Shira, Gardner, Wendi L.
Covering up what can't be seen: concealable stigma and mental control.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workWegner, Daniel M., Smart, Laura
Do self-fulfillling prophecies accumulate, dissipate, or remain stable over time?(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workJussim, Lee, Smith, Alison E., Eccles, Jacquelynne
Expressive writing and the role of alexythimia as a dispositional deficit in self-disclosure and psychological health.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workPaez, Dario, Velasco, Carmen, Gonzalez, Jose Luis
Fencing off the deviant: the role of cognitive resources in the maintenance of stereotypes.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workYzerbyt, Vincent Y., Coull, Alastair, Rocher, Steve J.
Fuzziness of nonverbal courtship communication unblurred by motion energy detection.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workGrammer, Karl, Honda, Masanao, Juette, Astrid, Schmitt, Alain
Imaginative suggestibility and hypnotizability: an empirical analysis.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workKirsch, Irving, Braffman, Wayne
Implicit theories, attributions, and coping: a meaning system approach.Sociology and social workYing-yi Hong, Chi-yue Chiu, Dweck, Carol S., Lin, Derrick M.S., Wan, Wendy
Impression valence constrains social explanations: the case of discounting versus conjunction effects.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMorris, Michael W., Roese, Neal J.
Moral hypocrisy: appearing moral to oneself without being so.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workBatson, C. Daniel, Thompson, Elizabeth R., Seuferliing, Greg, Whitney, Heather, Strongman, Jon A.
On recollections lost: when practice makes imperfect.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMacrae, C. Neil, MacLeod, Malcolm D.
Resource loss, resource gain, and depressive symptoms: a 10-year model.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workCronkite, Ruth C., Moos, Rudolf H., Holahan, Charles J., Holahan, Carole K.
Structure of self-reported current affect: integration and beyond.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workRussell, James A., Barrett, Lisa Feldman, Yik, Michelle S.M.
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