Journal of Real Estate Taxation 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of Real Estate Taxation 1992
Bankrupt's spouse held liable for tax on joint return.Real estate industryFriedrich, Craig W.
Discretion. (recognizing loss from worthlessness)Real estate industryLevin, Michael A.
Echols and the worthlessness of the partnership interest. (Echols v. Commissioner)Real estate industryLevin, Michael A.
Ordinary loss.Real estate industryLevin, Michael A.
Planning and drafting the deferred like-kind real estate exchange.Real estate industryWeller, Louis S.
Purchase-money mortgages: the Service clarifies the deductibility and reporting of points.Real estate industryKlein, Paul E.
Recent developments regarding partnership classification and income allocation.Real estate industryCharyk, William R.
Revisiting minimum-gain chargebacks.Real estate industryCharyk, William R.
Tax consequences taken into account in determining whether to allow bankruptcy trustee to "abandon" property.Real estate industryFriedrich, Craig W.
Tax planning for troubled real estate and partnership transactions. (part 2)Real estate industryFrankel, Michael G.
What the deferred exchange regulations forgot to tell you. (part 2)Real estate industryCuff, Terence Floyd
Worthless and passive losses.Real estate industryLevin, Michael A.
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