Journal of Real Estate Taxation 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Real Estate Taxation 1999
1999 yields home office expense deductions (finally).Real estate industryWood, Robert W.
Dirt isn't just dirt: exchanges of property held for sale - Neal T. Barker Enterprises.(tax-free exchanges)Real estate industryCuff, Terence Floyd
Emerging issues in UPREIT transactions.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryNapoli, John P., Smith, John F., Jr.
Extension of privilege to accountants clouded, inter alia, by exclusion of advice relating to corporate tax shelters.(confidential communications with tax advisers)Real estate industryFriedrich, Craig W.
Home office frolics.(home office tax deduction)Real estate industryWood, Robert W.
Incentive techniques for partnership employees.(taxation of employee incentive compensation)Real estate industryCharyk, William R.
IRS issues temporary and proposed regulations regarding Euro conversion.Real estate industryFemia, Rocco V.
IRS stops applying section 277 to housing cooperatives.(IRC section 277)Real estate industryMiller, Joel E.
Ninth Circuit holds unintended beneficiary may qualify for another's targeted grandfather rule.(U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals)(taxation)Real estate industryFriedrich, Craig W.
Proposed regulations define reporting requirements with respect to foreign partnerships.(IRS regulations)Real estate industryFemia, Rocco V.
Realty tax reductions for co-op owners: a fable of four counties.Real estate industryMiller, Joel E.
Recently released FSAs offer insights into IRS treatment of USRPIs.(IRS field service memoranda; U.S. Real Property Interests)Real estate industryFemia, Rocco V.
Recent rulings favorable to umbrella partnerships.(IRS rulings)Real estate industrySchmalz, John G., Pillow, Roger F., Brumbaugh, Mark A.
Related party exchanges - an examination of Technical Advice Memorandum 9748006.(IRS memorandum)Real estate industryCuff, Terence Floyd
Section 1031 exchanges and death.(IRC section 1031)Real estate industryCuff, Terence Floyd
Tax-free real estate transactions taxing ghosts under section 1031.(part 2)(IRC section 1031)Real estate industryCuff, Terence Floyd
Treatment of partnership debt in certain nontaxable property exchanges.Real estate industryCharyk, William R.
Unrelated business taxable income, can a guaranteed payment to a tax-exempt partner solve this problem?Real estate industryCharyk, William R.
Wisconsin appeals court finds sales of "flexible" time-share condominiums subject to sales tax.Real estate industryFriedrich, Craig W.
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