Journal of the Market Research Society 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of the Market Research Society 1997
A discussion of the use of sensitivity panels in market research.BusinessSchlackman, William
An approach to fusing market research with database marketing.BusinessLeventhal, Barry
Application of basic statistics for improving quality control, operating efficiency and analysis sensitivity.BusinessWyndham, Jeremy, Goosey, Richard
Are the opinion polls ready for 1997?(the UK general elections in 1997)BusinessCurtice, John
Collecting information from groups: a comparison of two methods.BusinessSweeney, Jillian C., Johnson, Lester W., Soutar, Geoffrey N., Hausknecht, Douglas R., Dallin, Raymond F.
Conditioning and bias in consumer panels - some new results.BusinessBuck, Stephan, Jephcott, Jonathan
Data fusion: an appraisal and experimental evaluation.BusinessHarris, Paul, O'Brien, John, Baker, Ken
DIY: consumer-driven research.(group discussion in qualitative research; do-it-yourself)BusinessYelland, Frances, Varty, Caryl
Estimating the worth of product characteristics.BusinessSilver, Mick, Ioannidis, Christos
Horses for courses: stewarding brands across borders in times of rapid change.BusinessByfield, Sheila, Caller, Linda
How accurate are traditional quota opinion polls?BusinessCurtice, John, Sparrow, Nick
How do consumers feel advertising works?BusinessGordon, Wendy
How do you like your data: raw, al dente or stewed?BusinessBowles, Tim, Blyth, Bill
Interviewer variability: a review of the problem.BusinessCollins, Martin
Measuring service quality: a test-retest reliability investigation of SERVQUAL.BusinessLam, Simon S.K., Woo, Ka Shing
Mystery customer research: cognitive processes affecting accuracy.BusinessColman, Andrew M., Morrison, Lisa J., Preston, Carolyn C.
Pricing research techniques: a review and a new approach.BusinessBlamires, Chris
Probabilistic segmentation modelling.BusinessSharp, Byron, Riquier, Christopher, Luxton, Sandra
Questionnaire colour and mail survey response rate.BusinessButtle, Francis, Thomas, Gavin
Segmenting by attitudes to TV advertising - eye opener or blind alley?BusinessBond, Geoff, Brace, Ian
Single source - new analyses.(media exposure data from informants in a panel)BusinessBroadbent, Simon
Small is beautiful but difficult: towards cost-effective research for small businesses.BusinessSmith, David
So how well did they do? the polls in the 1997 election. (opinion polls in 1997 UK elections)BusinessCurtice, John
Solpadol - a successful case of brand positioning. (analgesic drug)BusinessCollins, Martin, Sykes, Wendy, Hurrell, Graham, Vaughan Williams, Ralph
The application of geodemographics to retailing: meeting the needs of the catchment.BusinessJohnson, Maureen
The effect of clustering on costs and sampling errors of random samples.BusinessHarris, Paul
The Likert scale revisited: an alternate version.(product preference testing)BusinessAlbaum, Gerald
The power of public opinion: Diana, Princess of Wales: 1961-1997.BusinessWorcester, Robert
The trade-off model and its extensions. (market research models)BusinessLunn, Tony
The use of interaction coding and follow-up interviews to investigate comprehension of survey questions.BusinessMorton-Williams, Jean, Sykes, Wendy
The utility to market research of the classification of residential neighbourhoods.BusinessBaker, Ken
The very different methods used to conduct telephone surveys of the public.BusinessTaylor, Humphrey
The west ham syndrome. (comparison between loyalty to football clubs and brand loyalty)BusinessParker, Ken, Stuart, Trish
What we have learned from researching AIDS.BusinessOrton, Simon, Samuels, John
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