Long Range Planning 1984 - Abstracts

Long Range Planning 1984
A Management Strategy for Information Processing: 3-Management Information Requirements.EconomicsCollins, A.C.
Blunders in International Marketing: Fact or Fiction.EconomicsMahajan, V., Ricks, D.A.
Corporate Planning in South African Companies.EconomicsWoodburn, T.L.
Dealing with a Corporate Identity Crisis.EconomicsStone, W.R., Heany, D.F.
Energy Cost Saving Starts on the Shop Floor.EconomicsBoatfield, D.
Identifying and Using Critical Success Factors.EconomicsBruno, A.V., Leidecker, J.K.
Managing in the Competitive Environment.EconomicsWilson, L.S.
Planning for Job Creation.EconomicsMay, G., Green, H.
Strategic Management: Lessons from Success and Failure.EconomicsHussey, D.E.
The Futility of Forecasting.EconomicsMoyer, R.
The V-Matrix - A New Tool for Plotting Earnings.EconomicsMcNamee, P.B.
Vertical Integration in Petrochemicals: Part 3. An Analysis of Ten Companis.EconomicsBurgess, A.R.
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