Modern Age 1992 - Abstracts

Modern Age 1992
A lost civilization. (the New Age in the US)Political scienceHarrigan, Anthony
Enlightenment to ideology: the apotheosis of the human mind. (part 1)Political scienceNiemeyer, Gerhart
George F. Will and contemporary American conservatism.Political scienceRozell, Mark J.
Nie Wieder? Laughter and forgetting in East Germany.Political scienceRodden, John
On university excellence: reflections from Berkeley.Political scienceRoberts, Catherine
Ortega and etymological man. (Jose Ortega y Gasset, author of 'The Revolt of the Masses')Political scienceRickenbacker, William F.
Semiotics vs. the word.Political scienceChristensen, Bryce J.
The legacy of Luigi Einaudi and Wilhelm Roepke.Political scienceCampbell, William F.
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