Omega - Abstracts

Approaches to Implementing Manufacturing Information Systems.Business, generalCarrie, A.S., Banerjee, S.K.
A simple but effective heuristic for workshift assignment. (computerized manpower rostering)Business, generalKhoong, C.M.
Improving discernment in DEA using profiling: a comment. (data envelopment analysis)(comment on article by C. Tofallis in this issue, p. 361)Business, generalDoyle, John, Green, Rodney
Simulation of Industrial Robot Systems.Business, generalBonney, M.C., Edwards, P.J., Gleave, J.A., Green, J.L., Marshall, R.J., Yong, Y.F.
The 40th anniversary of the Operations Research Society of Japan.(Evaluating Performances for Activities in Pacific Rim Countries)Business, generalKondo, Jiro
The Application of Industrial Robots in the Soviet Engineering Industry.Business, generalCooper, J.
Time management. (potential setbacks of time management techniques) (Editorial)Business, generalEilon, Samuel
Towards Optimised Robotic Assembly.Business, generalScott, P.B.
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