Parenting 1993 - Abstracts

Parenting 1993
AuthorNumber of publications
Anne Reeks4
Barney Cohen6
Benjamin Spock4
Carol Deasy Brown3
Christine Cosgrove4
David Ruben5
Hugh O'Neill4
Jacquelyn Mitchard3
Joyce Hendley3
Joyce Maynard8
Karen Miles8
Kathleen Stauder Pender3
Kathryn E. Livingston4
Kathy Gunst6
Katie Tamony5
Kerry Arquette3
Marilyn Cohodas3
Mary Arrigo8
Michael Castleman3
Nicole Wise11
Pam Carroll3
Paula Tevis3
Roger Mummert3
Sam Swope3
Stacey Colino7
Susan Costner3
Tina Casey3
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