Postgraduate Medicine - Abstracts

Postgraduate Medicine
Acute infectious gastroenteritis in adults: seven steps to management and prevention.HealthTownes, John M.
Advances in liver transplantation: new strategies and current care expand access, enhance survival.HealthMartin, Paul, Tran, Tram T., Nissen, Nicholas, Poordad, F. Fred
A lesion with lymphangitic spread in a gardener: exposure to soil increases risk of sporotrichosis.HealthBhattacharjee, Pradip, Brodell, Robert T.
A statin for a patient with hyperlipidemia and hepatitis C?.HealthNash, David T.
Bilateral ear swelling and cough.HealthMroue, Kamel H., Arayssi, Thurayya K., Kibbi, Abdul-Ghani M.
Does rhinitis lead to asthma?: evidence for the one-airway hypothesis.HealthVolcheck, Gerald W.
Heeding clues to giant cell arteritis: prompt response can prevent vision loss.HealthLichtstein, Daniel M., Caceres, Luis R.
How to adjust ACE inhibitors and ARBs in diabetes?.HealthBakris, George
Management of hypercalcemia: diagnostic workup, therapeutic options for hyperparathyroidism and other common causes.HealthInzucchi, Silvio E.
Managing asthma during pregnancy: the whys and hows of aggressive control.HealthBlaiss, Michael S.
Mild persistent asthma: traits, treatment set it apart from mild intermittent asthma.HealthLim, Kaiser G.
Sunburn.HealthSetness, Peter A., Beusekom, Mary Van
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