Psychological Assessment 2000 - Abstracts

Psychological Assessment 2000
A confirmatory factor analysis of the impact of event scale using a sample of World War II and Korean war veterans.Psychology and mental healthShevlin, Mark, Hunt, Nigel, Robbins, Ian
Acute stress disorder scale: A self-report measure of acute stress disorder.Psychology and mental healthMoulds, Michelle L., Bryant, Richard A., Guthrie, Rachel M.
Adolescent offenders and stages of change.Psychology and mental healthHowell, Andrew J., Hemphill, James F
An empirical investigation of the factor structure of the AUDIT.Psychology and mental healthMaisto, Stephen A., Conigliaro, Joseph, McNeil, Melissa, Kraemer, Kevin, Kelley, Mary E.
Applying artificial neural network models to clinical decision making.Psychology and mental healthKato Price, Rumi, Spitznagel, Edward L., Downey, Thomas, J., Meyers, Donald J., Risk, Nathan K.
A taxometric analysis of MMPI-2 infrequency scales (F and F(p)) in clinical settings.(Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - revised version, personality assessment)Psychology and mental healthStrong, David R., Greene, Roger L., Schinka, John A.
Child-adolescent suicidal potential index (CASPI): A screen for risk for early onset suicidal behavior.Psychology and mental healthPfeffer, Cynthia R., Jiang, Hong, Kakuma, Tatsuyuki
Clinical and research implications of revising psychological tests.Psychology and mental healthSilverstein, Marshall L., Nelson, Linda D.
Clinical versus mechanical prediction: A meta-analysis.Psychology and mental healthGrove, William M., Zald, David H., Lebow, Boyd S., Snitz, Beth E., Nelson, Chad
Comparison of white, African American, Hispanic, and and Asian children on the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test.Psychology and mental healthNaglieri, Jack A., Ronning, Margaret E.
Computer-assisted judgment: Defining strengths and liabilities.Psychology and mental healthSnyder, Douglas K.
Computers will become increasingly important for psychological assessment: Not that ther's anything wrong with that!Psychology and mental healthGarb, Howard N.
Confirmatory factor analyses of the WAIS-III standardization data.Psychology and mental healthRyan, Joseph J., Charles Ward, L., Axelrod, Bradley N.
Detection of coached general malingering on the MMPI-2.(Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - revised version, psychology)Psychology and mental healthGraham, John R., Storm, Joanne
Development and preliminary validation of a brief broad-spectrum measure of trauma exposure: the Traumatic Life Events Questionnaire.Psychology and mental healthKubany, Edward S., Leisen, Mary Beth, Kaplan, Aaron S., Watson, Susan B., Haynes, Stephen N., Owens, Julie A., Burns, Katie
Development and validation of the eating disorder diagnostic scale: a brief self-report measure of anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder.Psychology and mental healthStice, Eric, Telch, Christy F., Rizvi, Shireen L.
Development and validation of the stephenson multigroup acculturation scale.(SMAS)Psychology and mental healthStephenson, Margaret
Does the rose still smell as sweet? Item variability across test forms and revisions.Psychology and mental healthKnowles, Eric S., Condon, Christopher A.
Evaluation of the validity of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition comprehension and picture arrangement subtests as measure of social intelligence.Psychology and mental healthBeebe, Dean W., Pfiffner, Linda J., McBurnett, Keith
Factor analysis and scale revision.Psychology and mental healthReise, Steven P., Waller, Niels G., Comrey, Andrew L.
Implications of test revisions for assessment with Asian Americans.Psychology and mental healthOkazaki, Sumi, Sue, Stanley
Implications of test revisions for research.Psychology and mental healthStrauss, Esther, Spreen, Otfried, Hunter, Michael
Increasing the reliability of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children- third edition difference scores with reliable component analysis.Psychology and mental healthCaruso, John C., Cliff, Norman
Incremental validity of WISC-III profile elevation, scatter, and shape information for predicting reading and math achievement.Psychology and mental healthWatkins, Marley W., Glutting, Joseph J.
Measurement properties of the center for epidemiologic studies-depression scale in a homeless population.Psychology and mental healthYin-Ling Irene Wong
On the sins of short-form development.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Gregory T., McCarthy, Denis M., Anderson, Kristen G.
Parsimonious prediction of Wechsler Memory Scale-III Memory Indices.Psychology and mental healthAxelrod, Bradley N., Woodard, John L.
Practical and ethical issues pertaining to test revisions.Psychology and mental healthAdams, Kenneth M.
Problem of item overlap between the psychopathy screening device and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and conduct disorder rating scales.Psychology and mental healthLeonard Burns, G.
Psychometric properties of the Hawaiian Culture Scale - Adolescent Version.Psychology and mental healthHishinuma, Earl S., Andrade, Naleen N., Johnson, Ronald C., McArdle, John J., Miyamoto, Robin H., Nahulu, Linda B., Makini, George K., Jr., Yuen, Noelle Y. C., Nishimura, Stephanie T., McDermott, John F., Jr., Waldron, Jane A., Luke, Kenneth N., Yates, Alayne
Psychopathic traits and cnduct problems in community and clinic-referred samples of children: Further development of the psychopathy screening device.Psychology and mental healthFrick, Paul J., Doug Bodin, S., Barry, Christopher T.
Reactive and proactive aggression: evidence of a two-factor model.(psychology)Psychology and mental healthPoulin, Francois, Boivin, Michel
Reliability and equivalence of the Spanish translation of the marital satisfaction inventory-revised (MSI-R).Psychology and mental healthSnyder, Douglas K., Negy, Charles
Replication of the factor structure of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third Edition with a Canadian sample.Psychology and mental healthSaklofske, Donald H., Hildebrand, Denise K., Gorsuch, Richard L.
Revising psychological tests: Lessons learned from the revision of the MMPI.Psychology and mental healthButcher, James N.
Structural differences in parent and child reports of children's symptoms of depression and anxiety.Psychology and mental healthCole, David A., Hoffman, Kit, Tram, Jane M., Maxwell, Scott E.
Structure of the Weinberger adjustment inventory self-restraint scale and its relation to problem behaviors in adolescence.Psychology and mental healthFarrell, Albert D., Sullivan, Terri N.
Summed-score linking using item response theory: Application to depression measurement.Psychology and mental healthOrlando, Maria, Sherbourne, Cathy D., Thissen, David
Supplementary WMS-III tables for determining primary subtest strengths and weaknesses.(Wechsler Memory Scale-III, memory strength)Psychology and mental healthRyan, Joseph J., Arb, Julie D., Ament, Patrick A.
The detection of fake-bad and fake-good responding on the million clinical multiaxial inventory III.Psychology and mental healthDaubert, Scott D., Metzler, April E.
The discriminating validity of a phallometric test for pedophilic interests among adolescent sex offenders against children.Psychology and mental healthSeto, Michael C., Lalumiere, Martin L., Blanchard, Ray
The problems of internal validation without a theoretical context: The different conceptual underpinnings of psychopathy and the disruptive behaviour disorder criteria.Psychology and mental healthFrick, Paul J.
The psychosocial adjustment to illnesss scale-self report: factor structure and item stability.Psychology and mental healthPerri, Michael G., Rodrigue, James R., Kanasky, William F. Jr., Jackson, Shannon, I.
The structure and correlates of anxiety sensitivity in older adults.Psychology and mental healthMohlman, Jan, Zinbarg, Richard E.
Updating to the WAIS-III and WMS-III: Considerations for research and clinical practice.Psychology and mental healthTulsky, David S., Ledbetter, Mark F.
Use of the AUDIT and DAST-10 to identify alcohol and drug use disorders among adults with a severe and persistent mental illness.(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, Drug Abuse Screening Test)Psychology and mental healthCarey, Kate B., Carey, Michael P., Maisto, Stephen A., Gleason, John R., Gordon, Christopher, M.
Use of the Personality Assessment Inventory to assess psychopathy in offender populations.Psychology and mental healthEdens, John F., Hart, Stephen D., Johnson, Darryl W., Johnson, Judy K., Olver, Mark E.
Validation of a brief measure of posttraumatic stress disorder: the Distressing Event Questionnaire (DEQ).Psychology and mental healthKubany, Edward S., Leisen, Mary Beth, Kaplan, Aaron S., Kelly, Martin P.
Validity and utility of computer-based test interpretation.Psychology and mental healthButcher, James N., Perry, Julia N., Atlis, Mera M.
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