Psychological Science 2004 - Abstracts

Psychological Science 2004
An age-related deficit in prefrontal cortical function associated with refreshing information.Psychology and mental healthMitchell, Karen J., Raye, Carol L., Johnson, Marcia K., Greene, Erich J.
Chimpanzees remember the results of one-by-one addition of food items to sets over extended time periods.(extended memory)Psychology and mental healthBeran, Michael J., Beran, Mary M.
Editors can lead researchers to confidence intervals, but can't make them think.(statistical reform lessons from medicine)Psychology and mental healthThomason, Neil, Fidler, Fiona, Cumming, Geoff, Finch, Sue, Leeman, Joanna
Exogenous spatial attention influences figure-ground assignment.Psychology and mental healthVecera, Shaun P., Flevaris, Anastasia V., Filapek, Joseph C.
Hearing cheats touch, but less in congenitally blind than in sighted individuals.Psychology and mental healthHotting, Kirsten, Roder, Brigitte
How the brain processes causal inferences in text.(a theoretical account of generation and integration component processes utilizing both cerebral hemispheres)Psychology and mental healthJust, Marcel Adam, Mason, Robert A.
Lightness constancy in the presence of specular highlights.Psychology and mental healthTodd, James T., Norman, J. Farley, Mingolla, Ennio
Mimicry and prosocial behavior.Psychology and mental healthKnippenberg, Ad van, Holland, Rob W., Van baaren, Rick B., Kawakami, Kerry
Neural signals for the detection of unintentional race bias.Psychology and mental healthDevine, Patricia G., Amodio, David M., Harmon-Jones, Eddie, Curtin, John J., Hartley, Sigan L., Covert, Alison E.
No blindness for things that do not change.(luminance transients)Psychology and mental healthTheeuwes, Jan
Partial awareness creates the "Illusion" of subliminal semantic priming.Psychology and mental healthKouider, Sid, Dupoux, Emmanuel
Read my lips.(asymmetries in the visual expression and perception of speech revealed through the McGurk Effect)Psychology and mental healthBradshaw, John L., Nicholls, Michael E.R., Searle, Dara A.
Short-term episodic memory for visual textures; a roving probe gathers some memory.Psychology and mental healthKahana, Michael J., Zhou, Feng, Sekuler, Robert
Spontaneous discounting of availability in frequency judgment tasks.Psychology and mental healthOppenheimer, Daniel M.
The basic-level convergence effect in memory distortions.Psychology and mental healthKoriat, Asher, Pansky, Ainat
The capacity of visual short-term memory is set both by visual information load and by number of objects.Psychology and mental healthAlvarez, G.A., Cavanagh, P.
The new and improved two-sample t test.Psychology and mental healthKeselman, H. J., Othman, Abdul R., Wilcox, Rand R., Fradette, Katherine
The peculiar longevity of things not so bad.Psychology and mental healthWilson, Timothy D., Gilbert, Daniel T., Lieberman, Matthew D., Morewedge, Carey K.
The perception of doubly curved surfaces from anisotropic textures.Psychology and mental healthTodd, James T., Oomes, Augustinus H.J., Koenderink, Jan J., Kappers, Astrid M.L.
Unemployment alters the set point for life satisfaction.Psychology and mental healthLucas, Richard E., Clark, Andrew E., Georgellis, Yannis, Diener, Ed
Visual prosody and speech intelligibility.(Head movement improves auditory speech perception)Psychology and mental healthMunhall, K.G., Jones, Jeffery A., Callan, Daniel E., Kuratate, Takaaki, Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric
Visual sensing without seeing.Psychology and mental healthRensink, Ronald A.
Why good guys wear white; automatic inferences about stimulus valence based on brightness.Psychology and mental healthRobinson, Michael D., Meier, Brian P., Clore, Gerald L.
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