Psychological Science 2005 - Abstracts

Psychological Science 2005
Probability of Replication Revisited: Comment on "An Alternative to Null-Hypothesis Significance Tests".(Commentaries)(Formula)Psychology and mental healthDoros, Gheorghe, Geier, Andrew B.
Replicability, Confidence, and Priors.(Commentaries)Psychology and mental healthKilleen, Peter R.
See the Ball, Hit the Ball: Apparent Ball Size Is Correlated With Batting Average.(Short Report)Psychology and mental healthWitt, Jessica K., Proffitt, Dennis R.
Understanding the Average Probability of Replication: Comment on Killeen (2005).(Commentaries)(Statistical data)Psychology and mental healthCumming, Geoff
Why Replication Probabilities Depend on Prior Probability Distributions: A Rejoinder to Killeen (2005).(Commentaries)(Formula)Psychology and mental healthMacdonald, Ranald R.
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