Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology: Part B: Comparative and Physiological Psychology - Abstracts

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology: Part B: Comparative and Physiological Psychology
A differential outcomes effect using biologically neutral outcomes in delayed matching-to-sample with pigeons.Science and technologyKelly, Ronald, Grant, Douglas S.
Causal learning: an associative analysis.Science and technologyDickinson, Anthony
Contextual control of appetitive conditioning: influence of a contextual stimulous generated by a partial reinforcement procedure.Science and technologyBouton, Mark E., Sunsay, Ceyhun
Evidence for inhibitory associations between the unique elements of two compound flavors.Science and technologyDwyer, D.M., Bennett, C.H., Mackintosh, N.J.
Guidelines for psychologists working with animals.Science and technology 
Interference with judgements of control and learning as a result of prior exposure to controllable and uncontrollable feedback during concept-learning tasks.Science and technologyReed, Phil, Frasquillo, Frank, Colkin, Claire, Liemann, Victoria, Colbert, Susie
Intermodal blocking in honeybees.(Statistical Data Included)Science and technologyCouvillon, P.A., Bitterman, M.E., Campos, A.C., Bass, T.D.
Mediated conditioning and retrospective revaluation with LICL then flavour pairings.Science and technologyDwyer, D.M.
Re-examination of the role of within-compound associations in the retrospective revaluation of causal judgements.Science and technologyDickinson, Anthony, Aitken, Michael R.F., Larkin, Mark J.W.
Retrospective revaluation in humans: learning or memory?(Statistical Data Included)Science and technologyMcLaren, I.P.L., Le Pelley, M.E.
Scalar timing without reference memory? Episodic temporal generalization and bisection in humans.(Statistical Data Included)Science and technologyWearden, J.H., Bray, Simon
The effects of pre-exposure on escape from a Morris pool.(Statistical Data Included)Science and technologyPearce, John M., Redhead, Edward S., Prados, Jose
The role of nonreinforcement in the learning of honeybees.Science and technologyCouvillon, P.A., Ablan, C.D., Ferreira, T.P., Bitterman, M.E.
Unequal associative changes when excitors and neutral stimuli are conditioned in compound.Science and technologyRescorla, Robert A.
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