Real Estate Appraiser & Analyst - Abstracts

Real Estate Appraiser & Analyst
Appraisal: a limited form of feasibility analysis. (real estate appraisal)Real estate industryWoodward, Lynn N.
Appraising and underwriting the energy efficient home: the energy mortgage value method.Real estate industryFoute, Steven J.
Average, average, average, same, same, same. (terminology and jargon in bureaucratic procedures)Real estate industryCrookham, James R.
Do mobile homes pay their fair share?Real estate industryHaynes, Joel B.
Ellwood: the language of appraisers.Real estate industryMartin, Robert S.
How to be a winning witness.Real estate industryChristensen, Barbara
Industrial land valuation.Real estate industryGaines, James P.
Property values and accessibility to primary schools.Real estate industryGuntermann, Karl L., Colwell, Peter F.
Scenic easements: evaluation considerations.Real estate industryCantrell, William F.
The concept and estimation of economic life in the residential appraisal process.Real estate industryCorgel, John B., Smith, Halbert C.
The effect of the Investment Tax Credit on commercial real estate values.Real estate industryMcKinnon, Alexander
The S Corporation after the Subchapter S Revision Act of 1982. (real estate)Real estate industryHiggins, J. Warren
Value considerations in bank real estate.Real estate industryPittenger, William L.
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