Real Estate Finance Journal 2003 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 2003
A BIT (Bilateral Investment Treaty) of good advice.Real estate industryHenchie, Nicholas
As federal and state politicians squeeze affordable housing, preservation efforts may increase.Real estate industryDowns, Gary P., Hobson, Jason A.
Avoiding deadlock in multi-party entities owning real estate.Real estate industryLevy, Andrew H., Barton, Lindsay
Avoiding the biggest mistakes real estate owners make when dealing with partners and investors.Real estate industryLerman, Jeffrey H.
Basis in S corporations: back-to-back loans still don't work.Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Hebert, Marcel G.
Cost effective responses to ADA accessibility claims and lawsuits.(Americans with Disabilities Act)Real estate industryLettenmaier, Arthur J.
Federal banking agencies issue final customer identification rules under the USA PATRIOT Act.Real estate industryTaft, Jeffrey P., LaVera, Christina A.
Financing for mixed use/planned development projects.Real estate industryJones, David H.
Governance of limited liability companies- contrasting California and Delaware models.Real estate industryLandrum, Douglas F.
How commercial landlords can position themselves to deal with current market conditions.Real estate industryAmaducci, Suzanne M.
How much protection does a leasehold mortgagee need?Real estate industryStein, Joshua
If you build it, they should come.(independent cost-management consultant)Real estate industryTaylor, Simon
Impact on REITs of proposed elimination of tax on non-REIT dividends.(Real Estate Investment Trust)Real estate industryTemkin, Charles B.
Impacts of mold disclodures on real estate transactions.Real estate industryFono, Andrew L., Miller, Walter D.
Implications of federal appellate court decision allowing bankrupt company to sell real estate free and clear of tenant's lease.(Precision Industries, Inc. v. Qualitech Steel SBQ)Real estate industryThompson, Mark
Industry data indicative of a decline in hotel real property values.Real estate industryDolan, Thomas
Inspectors general at HUD and USDA.(Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Agriculture)Real estate industryPrice, Richard Michael
In Town Hotels v. Marriott International, court decides for owner on antitrust, unfair competition issues.Real estate industryMcDaniel, K. C.
IRS issues final tax shelter regulations.(Internal Revenue Service)Real estate industryKorins, Janet B.
IRS releases proposed regulations on refunding bonds.Real estate industryFranceschi, Kristin
Leasing or subleasing?Real estate industryNeufeld, Thomas A.
Master leases and cross default clauses in bankruptcy.Real estate industryBernstein, Michael L., Malloy, Charles A.
Negotiating a lease for the leverage-challenged tenant.Real estate industrySegal, Earl L., Segal, Michael A.
New Jersey Supreme Court reaffirms availability of builderEs remedy.Real estate industryGeneslaw, Howard D, Hauge, Paul M.
New regulations make life easier for homeowners.Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Hebert, Marcel G.
New York city predatory lending ordinance creates new risks and liabilities.Real estate industryGelernt, Karen B., Kalembka, Lech, Ho, Mary
Performance bonds: whatEs to say that the surety will perform?Real estate industryRandles, Guy A.
Premises liability claims for asbestos exposure increase as plaintiff's lawyers target lanlords and tenants.Real estate industryBrennan, Robert L. , Jr.
Protecting a security deposit from bankruptcy risk: letter of credit versus cash.Real estate industryGoldman, Dov
Protecting contractor rights in public construction projects in Illinois.Real estate industryBisceglia, Joseph G., Porcelli, Anthony C., Banich, Terence G., II
Ready or not - Sarbanes-Oxley is getting ready to hit the real estate world.Real estate industryMeyer, Mathew
Real estate JV promote calculations: basic concepts and issues.(joint venture)Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A.
Recent developments in predatory lending laws: potential impact on secondary market transactions.Real estate industrySantoriello, Anthony, Wingens, Gary M.
Recent financing developments relating to affordable, nonprofit and elderly housing.Real estate industrySchreiberg, Sheldon L., Fireison, Scott E.
Reconfiguring shopping centers.Real estate industryWorkman, Douglas J.
Reluctance among courts to enforce oversecured creditors' rights to default interest in bankruptcy proceedings.Real estate industryLabriola, Victoria A.
SEC no-action letter clarifies acceptable rental management representations for resort projects.(Securities and Exchange Commission)Real estate industryMcCoy, Harry E., II
Should S corporation earnings be tax-affected in valuations?Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Gigliotti, Ralph
Staff report of the task force on mortgage-backed securities disclosure is issued.Real estate industryDiAngelo, Christopher J., Quesnay, Michael S. du
Stiff new IRS disclosure penalties on taxpayers and their advisors.Real estate industryBallard, Frederic L., Jr., Kotzen, Wendi L., Ricker, Louis, W., Strasbaugh, Wayne R.
Synthetic or 'true' leases: business as usual.Real estate industrySandler, Gill
Taking stock of CEO compensation: do stock options really boost hospitality performance?Real estate industryGoebel, Stephen, Wurster, Michael J.
Tax deferred exchanges and reverse exchanges.(Interview)Real estate industryKoen, Robert G.
The benefits to a landlord and its lender of seeking a letter of credit inlieu of a cash security deposit from a tenant.Real estate industryCharlip, Steven L., Sadowsky, Jodie A.
The current state of terrorism insurance in commercial real estate lending.Real estate industryHanna, Joshua P.
The effect of executive order 13224 and the Patriot Act on the timeshare industry.Real estate industryCaron, Richard
The effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on public real estate entities.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
The effect on REITS of SEC final rules regarding the use of non-GAAP financial measures.(real estate investment trusts, generally accepted accounting principles)Real estate industryMahaffey, Sylvia M., Grill, Jeffrey B.
The Enron effect: understanding the impact of FASB's FIN 45 and FIN 46 on off-balance sheet real estate financing.Real estate industryDraffin, Jill MacGregor
The toxic mold threat to commercial property.Real estate industryCoglianese, Matthew P., Reingold, Dylan
The usefulness of the APR for mortgage marketing in the US and the UK.(Annual Percentage Rate)Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Talaga, James, Rhoda, Kenneth L.
Third Circuit Court of Appeals raises the bar for developers to successfully pursue claims against municipalities.Real estate industryStyer, Craig A.
To GMP or not to GMP? that is the question facing many project owners.(guaranteed maximum price)Real estate industryBlumkin, Mark, Schwartz, Avi
When is a corporation too thin?(Delta Plastics, Inc)Real estate industryLynch, Michael F.
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