Real Estate Law Journal 1996 - Abstracts

Real Estate Law Journal 1996
1988 Fair Housing amendments force expensive retrofitting of multi-unit developments.(Editorial)Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J.
As is and is not. ('as is' sales of property and environmental liability)Real estate industryCross, Frank B.
Environmentalism and the cycles of change.Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J.
Habitat modification revisited: Supreme Court upholds government's right to regulate private property use.Real estate industryMurray, Paula C.
In some jurisdictions, taxes are a form of waste.Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Is the deduction for environmental cleanup costs being swept away?Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Witner, Larry
Lender liability, CERCLA, and other things that go bump in the night.Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Past or present environmental contamination: another disclosure duty for a real estate broker?Real estate industryMurray, Paula C.
Preserving environmentally sensitive land. (Long Island Pine Barrens) (New York)Real estate industryArmentano, John M.
Regulation of the environment: the future remains with the federal government.(Editorial)Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J.
Strict liability under the Fair Housing Act: a legal sleight of hand?Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J.
Tax ideas. (real estate law)Real estate industryWitner, Larry, Simons, Kathleen
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