Real Estate Law Journal 1998 - Abstracts

Real Estate Law Journal 1998
Air, light, and other ancient doctrines springing into courts.Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
A potpourri of cases: landowners haven't been busy enough with details.(insights into drafting real estate contracts and leases)Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Are TDRs alive?(transfer of development rights)Real estate industryArmentano, John M.
Current CERCLA provisions affecting lenders: the EPA issues guidance policy on lender liability.Real estate industry 
Death, divorce, marital bliss, and the tax consequences of selling a principal residence.Real estate industryFellows, James A.
Is there a constitutional right to build? Nollan redux.(Pitocco v. Harrington and Nollan v. California Coastal Commission)(Editorial)Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J.
Landlords, criminals, and liability.(liability of landlords for criminal activity that harms tenants)Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Paying rent to yourself: deduction? Income?(passive-loss rules)Real estate industryFellows, James A.
Recent EPA enforcement actions: the environmental audit.Real estate industryPowell, Frona M.
Regulating signs.Real estate industryArmentano, John M.
Those mitigating circumstances: landlords are now in them.Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
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