Real Estate Law Journal 2001 - Abstracts

Real Estate Law Journal 2001
A tale of complexities and complex valuations.Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
At the intersection of environmental law and nuisance law: do right-to-farm statutes result in regulatory takings?Real estate industryOswald, Lynda J.
Compact planning offers a fresh approach for regional planning and smart growth: a New York model.Real estate industrySalkin, Patricia E., Bray, Paul
Conversion of personal residences to rental property: a journey through the tax labyrinth.Real estate industryFellows, James A.
Dementia and deeds: who gets the property?Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Development costs and the doctrine of equitable apportionment.Real estate industryFellows, James A.
Eminent domain is not what it used to be.Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Estate and gift taxation: valuation discounts in determining the market value of real estate companies.Real estate industryFellows, James A., Yuhas, Michael A.
Growth management.Real estate industryArmentano, John M.
Homeowner associations: are they private governments?Real estate industryWomack, Lara, Timmons, Douglas
Look who's getting drug tested now: tenants must be clean or they're out.(Editorial)Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J.
Mezzanine financing and land banks: two unconventional methods of financing residential real estate projects in the 21st century.Real estate industryCalderon, Jeanne A.
More on the Fair Housing Act.Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Punitive damages and the FHA - two differing views.(Fair Housing Act)Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
Rails-to-trails, rational governments, and a constitutional shortcut: the perils of Preseault.Real estate industrySharp, Jeff
Real estate agent as "superbroker": defining and bridging the gap between residential realtors' abilities and liabilities in the new millennium.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industrySacasas, Rene, Morales Olazabal, Ann
Regulation of wetlands: "sidecasting" and "incidental fallback" under the CWA.(Clean Water Act)Real estate industryOswald, Lynda J.
Sales of real estate under the installment method: tax consequences of dealer status.Real estate industryFellows, James A.
Smart growth.(zoning and land use laws)Real estate industryArmentano, John M.
Tax consequences of charitable donations of conservation easements.Real estate industryFellows, James A.
Tenants' free expression rights on California rental properties.Real estate industryGreenhalgh, Kim, Zucker, Bruce
The effect of agency law on a real estate agent's duty to disclosure material facts.Real estate industryCherry, Robert L., Jr.
The effect of Friends of the Earth v. Laidlaw on standing in environmental law cases.Real estate industryBryant, James A.
The Supreme Court's rejection of the "migratory bird rule".(federal government cannot regulate isolated waters unadjacent to navigable waters because of their use by migratory birds)Real estate industryOswald, Lynda J.
What is the future of American real estate? A glimpse at "The New Geography".(Editorial)Real estate industryAalberts, Robert J.
Writing off website expenses for real estate professionals.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Yes, dear lawyer, there is a new, revised, and even more complex article 9.(of the UCC)Real estate industryJennings, Marianne M.
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