Real Estate Review 1995 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1995
A new tool for hotel market and financial analysis. (room revenue per available room)Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph
Appeals for tax relief based on environmental contamination.Real estate industryReilly, Michael F.
A seven-step portfolio diversification strategy.Real estate industryOri, Joseph J.
A tax-exempt credit-enhanced bond financing; the complex ritual calls for an experienced team and a courageous borrower.Real estate industryHudsick, Clifford A.
Breakeven analysis: the third leg of the underwriting stool.Real estate industryPollack, Bruce
Building subdivisions in flood hazard areas.Real estate industrySimonson, Richard
Can bank regulators affect collateralized mortgage obligations?Real estate industryTanju, Murat N., Cowart, Lary B.
Casualty provisions that preserve a tenant's lease value.(includes sample lease-buyout clause)Real estate industryBlumenfeld, Glenn D.
Changing concepts of like-kind exchanges.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Choosing between fixed and floating rate mortgages.Real estate industryOharenko, John M., Darrow, Jeanne
Commission structures for leasing representatives.Real estate industryMitchell, Patricia A.
Condemned to repeat history.(Editor's Corner)(Column)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Conduit programs: fad or future of commercial real estate lending?Real estate industryGoldstein, Avi
Cures for the (sometimes) needless complexity of real estate documents.Real estate industryStein, Joshua
Cyclical capital flows and the cycles of losses in commercial real estate.Real estate industryStevenson, Bruce G.
Demolishing tax deductions.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Disinterested generosity, rezoning, and the tax code.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Divorce and the tax-free rollover.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Do title insurance policies protect lenders?Real estate industryCarollo, David Lee
Dynamics of Japanese real estate investment in the US.Real estate industrySmith, Kenneth G., Moody, Todd A.
Ending environmental law as we know it.Real estate industryChristiansen, John R.
Estimating the value of a leased fee estate.Real estate industryStotler, James
Fair is fair: implied covenants in commercial leases.Real estate industryKing, Michael H., Crain, Andrew D.
Fumbles, oversights, and omissions: bank ARM calculations.(adjustable rate mortgages)Real estate industryElledge, Barry, Fletcher, Stuart, Norris, George B.
Good negotiators understand negotiation analysis.Real estate industryNourse, Hugh O.
Hidden traps in HUD-sponsored low-income housing loans. (Housing and Urban Development)Real estate industryBelkowitz, David F.
Housing appreciation, income taxes, and mortgage alternatives.Real estate industryGarrigan, Richard T., Pagliari, Joseph L., Jr.
How design elements create and enhance real estate value.Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph, Sharkawy, M. Atef
How to stop development on the urban periphery.Real estate industrySimonson, Richard
Inflation and the intrinsic value DCF model.(discounted cash flow)Real estate industryFiedler, Lawrence E., Schweitzer, Jon P.
Investment analysis for loan decision making: a primer.Real estate industrySherman, Lawrence F., Yung, Jeffrey T.
Investments in REITs do not help diversify stock portfolios.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryPaladino, Michael, Mayo, Herbert
Investors demand better hotel management contracts.Real estate industryBeals, Paul, Engel, Thomas R.
Knowledge and ignorance: what is an informed buyer?(real estate buyers)Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Knowledge doesn't always lead to wisdom. (the value of studying economics)(Editorial)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Lease audits: a modern tool.Real estate industryHellmuth, Theodore H.
Market analyses and appraisals: problems persist.Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph
Measuring the benefits of anchors to the shopping center.(anchor stores)Real estate industryCarter, Charles C.
Novel workout approaches that resolve knotty lender-borrower problems.Real estate industryLevy, Andrew H., Furman, David J.
Once again, finance drives the deal. (real estate development) (Editor's Corner)(Editorial)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Pay-for-performance compensation for real estate groups of commercial banks.Real estate industryBruno, Carl, Bradtke, Scott, Lehnen, Loren
Prospecting the home resale market.Real estate industryMassad, Victor J.
Real estate dispositions - capital gain or ordinary income?Real estate industryWilliford, Jerry S.
Real estate issues under the 1994 bankruptcy reform act.Real estate industryWilliams, Norma J.
REITS are attractive LBO targets.(real estate investment trusts, leverage buyouts)Real estate industryScherrer, Philip S.
Rental losses and the real estate professional.Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., Haynes, Joel B.
Rethinking the agenda: pre-lease negotiation of business terms.Real estate industryPineiro, John de Clef
Strategic issues in compensating real estate executives and professionals.Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Tax treatment of owner-occupied housing: an international comparison.Real estate industryMcDonald, John F.
The 1990s: a decade of redesign for executive compensation.Real estate industryBruno, Carl, Mitchell, Patty
The 1994 Bankruptcy Reform Act strengthens the position of creditors.Real estate industryEntin, Richard
The benefits of tax law-coordinated design and construction.Real estate industryLittle, W. Frank, Jr.
The changing demand for office space.Real estate industryShilton, Leon
The consolidation of REITs through mergers and acquisitions. (real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryScherrer, Phillip S.
The deferred like-kind exchange. (includes deferred exchange terms)Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., Haynes, Joel B.
The end of appraisal.Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
The explosion of commercial property securitization.Real estate industryFiedler, Lawrence E., Devoe, Lambert T.
The loss of value of REO and bankrupt properties. (real estate owned)Real estate industryCain, Thomas J.
The maturing of the commercial mortgage-backed securities market.Real estate industryOlasov, Brian
The peril of our inner cities. (Editorial)Real estate industryKlutznick, Thomas J.
The recharacterization of transactions between corporations and shareholders.(real estate)Real estate industryFellows, James A., Yuhas, Michael A.
The small-store tenant's guide to shopping center leases.Real estate industryBarron, David W.
The "SPS": a new way to calculate operating expense pass-throughs.(separated pro rata share)Real estate industryTurner, Sam C.
The tax treatment of clean-up costs.(environmental clean-up)Real estate industryPrice, Charles, Edmonds, Charles
Three measures of executive performance: "a look ahead, a look around, or a look behind."Real estate industryBruno, Carl, Mitchell, Patty
Tools for resolving public opposition to real estate projects.Real estate industryAcks, Kenneth
Twenty key issues in mall lease negotiations.Real estate industryCarbone, Michael P.
Understanding lease administration.Real estate industryWhite, Randall D.
Valuing and underwriting low-income tax credit housing projects.Real estate industryFarina, William
Why diversification does work.(comment on article 'Why Diversification Doesn't Work' in summer 1994 issue)(includes reply by Donald King Jr. and Michael Young)Real estate industrySchuck, Edward J.
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