Real Estate Review 1996 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1996
A creative solution to economic problems.(People and Property)Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Analyzing collateralized mortgage obligations as investment opportunities.Real estate industryAngell, Robert J.
Appraisers, ethics, and conflict of interest.Real estate industryPetuck, Stephen J.
Developing teams that attract and retain corporate clients.Real estate industryLehnen, Loren P., Bruno, Carl
Don't sell commercial real estate short! Forecasts of a rapidly shrinking commercial and industrial market may be based on hope, hype and unverified hypotheses.Real estate industryWinger, Alan R.
Financing by the pineapple technique: a hypothetical example.Real estate industryArnold, Alvin L.
Flat taxes, progressive taxes, and other national fables.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
General Ludd's new recruits.(white-collar workers displaced by advancing technology)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Increasing corporate value through strategic real estate management; an Australian model for corporations with underused real estate resources.Real estate industryAdendorff, M.J., Nkado, Raymond N.
Issues and solutions in real estate appraisal, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.(private party dispute resolution)Real estate industryLevy, Gerald M.
Losses from derivatives can be linked to bad accounting; the accounting profession must move in one step to current value accounting.Real estate industryTanju, M. Neset
Multiplex theater leases in shopping or entertainment centers.Real estate industryBlumenfeld, Glenn D.
Negotiation strategy: theories and approaches.Real estate industryNewman, Jeffrey H.
New FASB rules for mortgage servicing rights.(Financial Accounting Standards Board)Real estate industryLi, June F.
Recovering the costs of environmental remediation.Real estate industryRuoff, Kerry
Resolution of commercial lease disputes. (defaults, space measurement and "reasonability")(part 1)Real estate industryCohen, Jerome M.
Resolution of renewal rentals in land leases; inadequately drafted renewal clauses require arbitrators to try to reconstruct original intentions.Real estate industryBrooks, Peter S.
Resolving real estate tax certiorari disputes by arbitration.Real estate industryMiller, Stephen C.
Resolving retail lease and related disputes. (shopping center leases)(part 1)Real estate industryPinover, Eugene A., Levine, Janice E., Ulene, Douglas
Seller-paid points: a neglected marketing technique; developers of single-family housing can give buyers a tax advantage that serves them better than a price reduction.Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., Platau, Steven M., Burton, James H.
Separation packages, golden parachutes, and other emotional issues.(Executive Compensation)Real estate industryBruno, Carl
Structuring a landowner/developer joint venture agreement.Real estate industryFreedman, Jon B.
Tax deductions for victims of real estate theft and fraud.Real estate industrySegal, Mark A.
The full cost of a home mortgage loan revisited; recalculation of APR, using variables that are usually omitted from the calculation.(annual percentage rate)Real estate industryBuch, Joshua
The impact of real estate investment manager mergers: growing industry concentration brings benefits and creates problems.Real estate industryYoung, Michael S., Sowden, Webb
The impact of US real estate on the change in employer/employee relationships.Real estate industryCymrot, Allen
The internationalization of real estate investment trusts.Real estate industryScherrer, Phillip S., Mathison, Timothy J.
The jeopardized deductibility of lessee's lease termination payment.(Law and Taxation)Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
The outlook for hospitality investments: opportunities exist for bond investors who diversify among major hotel sectors.Real estate industryCorcoran, Patrick J.
The replacement property in a deferred exchange; the tax element of deferred exchanges leads otherwise cautious property owners into unwise transactions.Real estate industryBachner, Robert L.
The tenant/developer: corporate real estate officers who must manage the buildout of their own space should study two standard AIA Documents.(American Institute of Architects)Real estate industryHerman, Mitchell
Use and exclusive clause problems of the TBA.(tires, batteries and auto accessories)Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Valuing the property of non-real estate companies.Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
What makes a good hotel property?Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E., Medzigian, Michael G.
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