Real Estate Review 1997 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1997
Agreed-on procedures: new standards applied to developers' and lenders' specifications.(alternatives to CPA audits)Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Bayou, Mohamed E.
A mortgage is almost always preferable to paying cash.Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., Arsan, Noyan, Poindexter, Eugene
Catalog store use and exclusive clauses.(part 1)Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Commercial real estate lending: from ratios to the option-pricing model.Real estate industryHandorf, William C., Sachlis, J. Minor
Complying with ERISA: a primer for pension plan trustees. (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974)Real estate industryIezman, Stanley L.
Dealing with approval contingencies in agreements of sale.Real estate industryBlumenfeld, Glenn D.
Defined contribution pension plans: can the real estate industry tap this growing pool of capital?Real estate industryJohnson, Robert L., Jr., Shepard, Peter R.
Dispute resolution under the Arbitration Rules for the Real Estate Industry (Including a Mediation Alternative).Real estate industryLevy, Gerald M.
Extended-stay lodging: a new high-return product; reduced payroll and supplies costs make favorable return rates possible.Real estate industryBerg, Peggy, Skinner, Mark
Financial and legal complexities of credit-based lending to real estate entities with multiple assets.Real estate industryLevy, Andrew H., Furman, David J.
Hotel loans: underwriting, structuring, and lenders' due diligence.Real estate industryStein, Joshua
Improved hotel market forecasts.Real estate industryWolverton, Marvin L.
Income sources for real estate owners.Real estate industryCymrot, Allen
Investing in contaminated real estate.Real estate industryJackson, Thomas O.
Investing in foreign real estate: a primer.(assessing future risks in foreign real estate)Real estate industrySultan, Jahangir, Balogh, Colin
Magic words.(unreadability of real estate documents)(Column)Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Mediating land use disputes: part 1.Real estate industryNetter, Edith M.
Mediating land use disputes.(part 2)Real estate industryNetter, Edith M.
Net leases as real estate investments.Real estate industryScherrer, Phillip S., Mathison, Timothy J.
New approaches to the analysis of development project cash flows; lenders and equity participants must understand costs and trace ultimate beneficiaries.Real estate industryHardin, William G., III
Nonrecourse carveouts: how far is far enough?Real estate industryStein, Joshua
Prorating real estate taxes at closing of sale of shopping center property.Real estate industryNicol, Dan F., Daspin, D. Albert
Recent developments in credit tenant loans. (insurance companies invest in form of mortgages for high yields, acceptable risk)Real estate industryBoyce, Timothy J.
REIT executive compensation accelerates.Real estate industryBruno, Carl
Resolution of commercial lease disputes: part 2Real estate industryCohen, Jerome M.
Resolving retail lease and related disputes: part 2.Real estate industryPinover, Eugene A., Levine, Janice E., Ulene, Douglas
Saving the nation may imperil escalator clauses.(commission studies results of Labor Department's Consumer Price Index)(includes related article in which editor comments on statistical information)(Editorial)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Scared enough? How overt or imminent must the threat of condemnation be?Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Some perspectives on highest and best use.(Real Estate Appraisal in the 1990s)Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Survival guide for real estate lawyers.(automated document preparers may reduce demand for real estate lawyers)Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Tax rules punish victims of mortgage foreclosures.Real estate industryOestreich, Nathan, Vincent, Robert
The changing wisdom regarding real estate investment strategy. (attributes of investment managers take precedence over quality of properties)(Editorial)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
The effect of REIT mergers on REIT stock prices. (real estate investment trusts)(performance of stock mergers)Real estate industryTaylor, Louis W., Paolone, Anthony
The lodging property index.Real estate industryCorgel, John B., deRoos, Jan A.
The meek information return - with two bites. (recipients and receivers of tax forms face changes)Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
The pricing of equity REIT stocks. (equity real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryCymrot, Allen
The shopping center percentage lease.(part 2)Real estate industryHerman, Mitchell Y.
Underwriting residential properties today: a primer.Real estate industryGarrigan, Richard T., Kehr, Rosemary C.
Use and exclusive clauses in banking institution leases.Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Use and exclusive clauses in variety store leases.Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Use and related clauses.(The Shopping Center Percentage Lease, part 1)Real estate industryHerman, Mitchell Y.
Using "average occupancy" to compute landlord's cost recovery.Real estate industryHew, Ted
Value creation: a key to maximizing compensation.(Executive Compensation)Real estate industryMitchell, Patricia A.
Where are all the new real estate millionaires?Real estate industryCymrot, Allen
Why analysts often make wrong estimates about the demand for industrial space.(modified office demand model is not always effective)Real estate industryBlack, Roy T., Rabianski, Joseph S.
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