Real Estate Review 1998 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1998
Accounting for fraud procedures.Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Kleiman, Robert T.
Analyzing REIT stocks: valuation and performance issues.Real estate industryKoch, Rebecca L.
Are giant REITS more efficient than their smaller competitors?(real estate investment companies)(Panel Discussion)Real estate industry 
Asbestos removal costs: the Congress giveth and taketh away.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Asian flu and U.S. real estate markets.(Industry Overview)Real estate industryEvans, Michael L.
A tradition in transition: altering brokers' all-commission compensation.Real estate industryWright, James B., Mitchell, Patricia A.
Benefits of electricity audits for tenants.Real estate industryZwang, Michael
Building measurement standards and real estate securities.Real estate industryLynn, Michael, Davis, Gerald
Calculating base building capital expenditures of office buildings.Real estate industryDerby, Gregory A.
Can a debtor in bankruptcy avoid state and local taxes?Real estate industryBerman, Mark H.
Capital markets issues for senior housing.Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Conglomerating: looking for new worlds to conquer.(Panel Discussion)Real estate industry 
Consolidation enthusiasm may be excessive.(Editorial)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Divorce and the new residence gain exclusion.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Don't confuse a ground lease with a ground lease.Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Executive compensation trends as REITs and investment advisors compete for personnel.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryBruno, Carl, Hill, Shelley Lynn
Hostile takeovers: defending managements; replacing managements; legal and market considerations.(Panel Discussion)Real estate industry 
How low a cap rate is too low?(capitalization)Real estate industryCymrot, Allen3
How to streamline, simplify, and save money in the loan closing process.(includes sample contract-language)Real estate industryStein, Joshua
Important considerations for homeowners who refinance home mortgages.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Intra-family sales and lease-backs of residences.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Investor or dealer status? It depends on where the roulette wheel stops.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Investors and funds look at REITS.(real estate investment trusts)(Panel Discussion)Real estate industry 
Lenders and hotel management agreements.Real estate industryStein, Joshua
Losses from short-term rentals of vacation homes: catch 22.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
New strategies for real estate industry success.Real estate industryOri, Joseph J.
Office REIT stocks are overvalued!Real estate industryMartin, Vernon
Percentage rent leases: an update.Real estate industryArnold, Alvin L.
Pushing the envelop with new types of ventures.(real estate investment trusts)(Panel Discussion)Real estate industry 
Real estate due diligence and the closing process.Real estate industryDemay, Tracy L.
Real estate investment strategies in the 21st century.Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Record store use and exclusive clauses.Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
REIT compensation - where are we headed?Real estate industryBruno, Carl
Selling a principal residence upon which depreciation has been claimed.Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., McCraw, J. Harrison, Haynes, Joel
Sporting goods stores' use and exclusive clauses.Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Take a lesson from a wounded tiger. (Asian economic crisis)(Editorial)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Tax implications of taxable sales vs. tax-free exchanges.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Tax treatment of principal residence repossessions.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Tbe principal residence as a tax-sheltered investment.Real estate industryLee, John T., Timmons, J. Douglas
The changing role of engineering consultants.Real estate industryPowers, Elliot S.
The economic impact of tax reform on residential real estate: valuing the mortgage tax shield.Real estate industryFleischman, Gary M., Payne, Thomas H., Casavant, Richard
The Indian real estate market.Real estate industryNayar, Sameer
Transactions dealing with regulatory risk in development land.Real estate industryLefcoe, George
Two growth rout es: joint ventures and combinations.(real estate investment trusts)(Panel Discussion)Real estate industry 
Valuation and taxation of takings; part I: valuation.Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., Haynes, Joel B., Burton, James H.
Valuing environmentally sensitive land.(Column)Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
What's wrong with the structure of today's real estate companies?Real estate industryCymrot, Allen
When is real estate a capital asset?Real estate industryFellows, James A.
You're the top; you're the Tower of Pisa.Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
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