Real Estate Review 2000 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 2000
Administrative enforcement in the real estate profession: a nationwide examination of regulatory ambushes and pitfalls.Real estate industryFinn, Mary Kay
Are conduit "non-recourse" loans really non-recourse.(commercial mortgages)Real estate industrySilverman, Robert A.
Are minority neighborhoods exposed to more environmental hazards? Allegations of environmental racism.Real estate industryHolmes, Andrew, Slade, Barrett A., Cowart, Larry
Audit committees: A tool to help real estate developers.Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Luecke, Randall W.
Beyond the year 2000.Real estate industry 
Bringing real estate recording practices into a new era.Real estate industryCowan, Martin B.
Combining the residential gain exclusion with a tax-free exchange.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Commercial real estate investment, financial leverage, and interest rates.Real estate industryHandorf, William C., Sachlis, J. Minor
Consider a counteroffer they can't refuse - an alternative to options, rights of first refusal, and rights of first offer.Real estate industryBlumenfeld, Glenn D., Rowe, James F., II
Defeating suretyship defenses by reservation of rights: a moribund doctrine?Real estate industryBowmar, Robert H.
Enhancing search capabilities on real estate web sites.Real estate industryLinnell, Jeff
Failure to disclose lead-based paint hazards: recent EPA enforcement efforts.(Environmental Protection Agency)Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., McCraw, J. Harrison, Haynes, Joel
German investment in US real estate - the acceleration continues.Real estate industryGoodman, Gary A.
Global economic trends in the post-Y2K era.Real estate industryYardeni, Edward
Hotel management agreements: the owner's agenda.Real estate industryStein, Joshua, Hisiger, James I.
How to sell stock and reinvest in real property (or vice versa) tax free.(charitable remainder trusts)Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Inside America.Real estate industryKlein, Joe
Life cycle of gross-leased property.Real estate industryCline, Leonard A.
Our current economy: what's the real story?(Cover Story)Real estate industryCymrot, Allen
Performance in the boardroom: how should it be assessed?Real estate industryFerguson, William J.
Real estate demand in the new economy.Real estate industryWinger, Alan R.
Residual value insurance: a time bomb for credit tenant loans?Real estate industrySchwartz, Robert M.
Retail demand analysis and internet retailing.Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph S.
Strategic directions, consolidation, and M&A in the REIT and public real estate markets: symposiums.Real estate industry 
The corporate real estate function will bridge old order companies and dot-coms to create the firm of the future.Real estate industryAhuja, Parkash
The effect of recent changes in the tax laws on the residential real estate market.Real estate industryHoward, Robert L.
The Financial Modernization Act of 1999 and the United Kingdom's financial supermarkets experience: implications for US mortgage lenders.Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Rhoda, Kenneth
Unraveling the maze of real estate investment due diligence: A primer for pension plan trustees.Real estate industryIezman, Stanley L.
Way up north.Real estate industryCline, Leonard A.
Yield maintenance and defeasance: two distinct paths to commercial mortgage prepayment.Real estate industryLefcoe, George
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