Real Estate Review 2005 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 2005
Bankruptcy code amendments - principal real estate provisions.(Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Action of 2005)Real estate industryBartner, Douglas P., Hankin, Marc B.
Berlin property market: shining only in the long run.(impact of lower economic growth on the property market)Real estate industrySpars, Guido, Just, Tobias
Breathing new life into brownfields redevelopment: UBTI exclusions and benefits.("Exclusion of Gain or Loss on Sale or Exchange of Certain Brownfield Sites from Unrelated Business Taxable Income")Real estate industryMason, Elizabeth F., Zoli, Elise N., Glazer, Edward L.
Characteristics of the U.S. residential real estate agent.Real estate industryCahill, Dennis J.
Conservation easements, land trusts, & tax incentives: the fallout from abuse of deductions.Real estate industryGiametta, Jeff
Correct estimate of the economic life of real property.Real estate industryEpley, Donald R.
Discovery, reclamation, and redemption: the journey from the practice of law to the construction trailer.(Steven G. Shapiro's career change)Real estate industryShapiro, Steven G.
Expensing stock option awards: new reporting guidance for the real estate industry.(Statement of Financial Accounting Standards 146 ( R ))Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
Financing and valuation problems of the East German real estate market.Real estate industryWuntsch, Michael Von, Knacke, Georg, Neumann, Gerhard
Forecasting the Manhattan office market with a simultaneous equation model.Real estate industryFuerst, Franz
Instability and predictability of risk loadings for equity REITs.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryWebb, James R., He, Ling T.
Land reform in post-conflict environments: Iraq and Kosovo.Real estate industryCunningham, John, Eckert, Joseph K., Anderson, R. Jerome
Lifestyle centers: the de-malling of consumerism.(trends in retail trade)Real estate industryGuidry, Krisandra, Montero, Taree
Limitations on the use of the weighted average cost of capital.(asset valuation method)Real estate industryEpley, Donald R.
New rules for accounting changes and error corrections: some implications for the real estate industry.Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
Post-closing apportionments: the escalation trap.Real estate industryKuntz, Lee A.
Rev. proc. 2005-14 and the use of sections 121 and 1031 in tandem.(internal revenue code, taxation of capital gains from real estate investments)Real estate industrySegal, Mark A.
Stability of dividends: an empirical analysis across REIT sectors.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryGeurts, Tom G., Gagne, Margaret L., Carr, Adam
Sufficiency of description of terms and conditions of lease necessary to comply with statute of frauds.Real estate industryCatalano, Claudia
Tenancy-in-common real estate ownership: current issues.Real estate industrySindt, Roger P., Watanabe, Judith
The commercial mortgage market and Basel II.(banking industry, risk analysis and corresponding interest rates)Real estate industryHandorf, William C.
The most important financial player in a real estate development project? Examining the role, value, and impact of a quality construction superintendent.Real estate industryShapiro, Steven G.
The problem of providing housing finance to low end low-income borrowers in South Africa.Real estate industryEbert, Laura
The pro-cyclical behavior of players in the office market - interests, pressures and possible alternatives.Real estate industryDobberstein, Monika
The yield maintenance fee and defeasance.Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph S.
Urban land use patterns in a digitized world: more of the same? Or something radically different?Real estate industryWinger, Alan R.
Using countercycling REITs in the classroom: solving problems with the calculation of the cost of capital.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryGeurts, Tom G., Pavlov, Andrey
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