Southern Quarterly 2005 - Abstracts

Southern Quarterly 2005
'He liked to call me Padre': Bishop Duncan Gray remembers William Faulkner.(Duncan Montgomery Gray, Jr.)(Interview)Regional focus/area studiesKing, Sally Wolff
Living Lessons: The evolving racial norm in the novels of Anne Tyler.Regional focus/area studiesElfenbein, Anna Shannon
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the reckoning of ideology.Regional focus/area studiesGraham- Bertolini, Alison
Pseudo-History versus social critique: Faulkner's reconstruction.(William Faulkner)Regional focus/area studiesSantis, Christopher C. De
William Alexander Percy's 'Lanterns': A reply from a Mississippi Sharecropper's.(Biography)Regional focus/area studiesHodges, John O.
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