Studies in Economic Analysis - Abstracts

Studies in Economic Analysis
Advertising and profitability: testing alternative hypotheses.Business, generalDa Costa, Maria N., Latif-Zaman, Nazma
An analysis of stability in a Keynesian economy with Ricardian consumers.Business, generalRusso, Benjamin
A stratified approach to the ranking of economics journals.Business, generalEnomoto, Carl E., Ghosh, Soumendra N.
A test of prospect theory: the correlation between unexplained variance of return and target return in the commercial banking industry.Business, generalJohnson, Hazel J.
Economies of scale in the North American iron ore mining industry.Business, generalRaab, Raymond L., Steinnes, Donald N.
Let's rid ourselves of the representative firm model.Business, generalMixon, J. Wilson Jr.
Price discrimination and monopolistic competition.Business, generalShmanske, Stephen
Testing for parameter stability in executive renumeration functions.Business, generalBraunstein, Andrew W.
The impact of the Middle East crisis on international closed-end (country) mutual fund performance.Business, generalAtkinson, Stanley M.
The monetary aggregates and the velocity of money.Business, generalCamerson, Colleen W., Caveny, Regina
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