Super Service Station - Abstracts

Super Service Station
American motors.Automobile industryWeber, Bob
Catch-up or clean-up. (service stations) (column)Automobile industryBoyd, Charles
Chrysler Corp. (1984 cars)Automobile industry 
Click fix: hydraulic valve lifters are easier to understand and service than you may think.Automobile industryGindling, Larry
Controlling engine temperature.Automobile industry 
Cooling system inspection and service. (automobile maintenance)Automobile industry 
Credit card checking made fast and easy. (Mobil's card verifier)Automobile industry 
Drumming up brake service business.Automobile industry 
Exhaust system tips and tricks.Automobile industryWeber, Bob
Fresh starts. (quick diagnostic techniques for problem automobile starters)Automobile industryWeber, Bob
Gaskets from goo.Automobile industry 
Gaskets of the future.Automobile industry 
Getting to the core of heating problems. (automobile maintenance)Automobile industryWeber, Bob
Helping customers avoid "bum steers". (steering system operation and repair)Automobile industry 
Higher performance Mustang-Capri planned by Ford; diesels sell well.Automobile industry 
It's tire selling season.Automobile industry 
Keep customer "rolling" while servicing his car.Automobile industry 
Keeping cars cool. (cooling systems)Automobile industry 
K-Jetronic fuel injection. (automobile fuel injection system repair)Automobile industryWeber, Bob
Looking at car lights.Automobile industry 
Making the final decision; how to be sure you've selected the right computer. (column)Automobile industryBerst, Jesse
Mechanical aspects of distributor service.Automobile industry 
Organizing for success. (service stations)Automobile industry 
Planning makes station a winner.Automobile industry 
Putting the stop on wasted time by inspecting brake drums and rotors.Automobile industryWeber, Bob
Road service pulls in business: tips from five Buffalo dealers who know the true meaning of "winter crisis."Automobile industryLarson, Dan
Selecting and financing new equipment.Automobile industryBoyd, Charles
Sell the extras with Winter lube. (service stations)Automobile industry 
Small business computers.Automobile industryAuslin, Nancy
Small business computers; 'custom' packages are now available for service stations and tire dealers.Automobile industryAustin, Nancy
Station income grows as dealer diversifies.Automobile industryLarsen, Dan
Subsurface strategies. (underground gasoline storage tank leaks)Automobile industryLarson, Dan
The six most common brake system problems.Automobile industry 
Three Rs of radiator service: repair, recore or replace?Automobile industry 
Tracking down electrical problems.Automobile industryWeber, Bob
Tune-up: an autumn tradition.Automobile industry 
Washington pump island. (service stations) (column)Automobile industryKahn, Ephraim
Wheel alignment equipment: line up the right system for your service operation.Automobile industryAustin, Nanvy
Wheel alignment: getting it straight.Automobile industry 
When to buy equipment: an interview with Joe Bloodworth.Automobile industry 
Winter: assault on batteries.Automobile industry 
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