Tax Executive - Abstracts

Tax Executive
An Analysis of Changes in Subchapter S Provisions.Business, generalDe Celles, M.D., Rolfe, R.J.
A Survey of Tax Issues Affecting Software Developers and Users.Business, generalYost, G.J.
Bliss Dairy: The Supreme Court's Golden Egg.Business, generalBetterman, J.B.
Executive Compensation and Junior Stock: Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Bargain Purchase.Business, generalPehrson, G.O.Jr., Bell, M.A.
Factoring Receivables: Tax Considerations of Investing Accumulated Foreign Earnings.Business, generalLeake, J.T., Smith, R.S.
Income Growth and Income Averaging: An Analysis of Eligibility and Resultant Tax Savings.Business, generalMorris, M.H., McDonald, B.
Interest-Free Loans from Corporations to Shareholders: A Reconsideration of the Dean Rule.Business, generalFellows, J.A.
Keeping the Money at Home under Section 1033: Buying Replacement Property of Stock from Related Entities.Business, generalMaples, L.
Property, Sales, and Use Taxation of Custom and 'Canned' Computer Software: Emerging Judicial Guidelines.Business, generalRaabe, W.A.
The Recruiting, Training, and Professional Involvement of Tax Personnel of Large Corporations.Business, generalAnderson, D.T., Arlinghaus, B.P.
The Section 1033 Election: Impact of the Investment Credit.Business, generalLassila, D.R.
The State Sales Tax Treatment of Computer Software: A State-By-State Review.Business, generalRoskam, B.G.
The Unitary Tax - Florida Style.Business, generalZuckerman, I.L., Hochman, E.F.
Transfer Pricing: a Proposal for Intercompany Sales of Tangible Property.Business, generalMoore, C.K.Jr., Strefeler, J.M.
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