Tax Management International Journal - Abstracts

Tax Management International Journal
Comments on Final and Proposed Foreign Base Company Shipping Regulations.LawKlein, K.
Comments on New Proposed Regulations Under Section 897.LawEstes, C.
Comments on Proposed Amendments to Section 367.LawTerr, L.B.
Constructive Dividends to U.S. Parent in Non-Arm's Length Transactions: Rollover of Short Term Obligations as Investment in U.S. Property-Technical Advice on Memorandum.LawDolan, K.
Cross-Border Equipment Leasing into Canada.LawDucharme, S.
Current U.S. International Tax Scene.LawKhokhar, J.A.
Current U.S. International Tax Scene - Practitioner's Viewpoint.Law 
Definition of a Resident Alien - Proposed Legislative Changes.LawZagaris, B.
Final Capital Gains Rules for Foreign Tax Credit Computations.LawGreen, W.H.
Final Foreign Tax Credit Regulations Effect an Important Change in Separate Levy Rules.LawCooper, M.T.
Five Percent Tax Rate under U.S.-Netherlands Income Tax Treaty and the Impact of Anti-Abuse Provision.LawFogarasi, A.P.
Focus on the Canadian International Tax Scene - Current Developments.LawBoidman, N.
Foreign Personal Holding Company Attribution Rules- Proposed Legislative Changes.LawDale, H.R.
International Aspects of the 1983 Social Security Amendments.LawBissell, T.G.
IRS Attack on Domestic Branching.LawJerr, L.B.
Loss Disallowed in Intercompany Sale Following Section 332 Liquidation.LawMelnick, R.J.
Marine Construction Activities Held to Constitute Manufacturing within Regs 1.61(a)-Rev. Rul. 83-118.LawEstes, C.
Proposed Legislation to Limit Tax Benefits Available for Property Leased to Foreign Persons.LawFoster, D.S.
September 1983 Proposed Regulations Concerning Foreign Debt Registration Reguirements.LawKlein, K.
Status-Changing Citizens Gross Income Includes a Simple Trust Income Prorated over Period of Citizenship.LawDale, H.P.
Status of U.S. Tax Treaties.LawFogarasi, A., Venuti, J., Renfroe, D.
The Income Tax Conventions Interpretation Act - A Lesson in Unilateral Treaty Amendment by Canada.LawMcCart, J., Morris, B.
The Jurisdiction of United States Courts to Order the Production of Documents Located Abroad in Section 482 Investigations: U.S. v. Toyota Motor Corp.LawMcCawley, H.B.
The Service Proposes New Regulations Under Section 897.LawRuchelman, S.
The Tax Court Ignores Sham and Section 367 Arguments but Utilities 482 to Allocate Income - Hospital Corp. of America v. Comr.LawSolomon, M.
Trends: Belgium.LawLebrun, P.F.
Trends: Switzerland.LawStucki, H.V., Altenburger, P.R.
Trends: United Kingdom.LawYoung, D.T.
U.S. Adopts Restrictive Interpretation of Nondiscrimination Article of the Philippines Treaty.LawFoster, D.S.
U.S.-Denmark Protocol Exemplifies U.S. Efforts to Prevent Imposition of Balancing Charge on U.S. Drilling Contractors.LawCooper, M.J.
Washington Items.Law 
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