Technovation 2001 - Abstracts

Technovation 2001
An evolutionary model of continuous improvement behaviour.High technology industryBessant, John, Caffyn, Sarah, Gallagher, Maeve
Competence building in complex systems in the developing countries: the case of satellite building in India.High technology industryBaskaran, A.
Dissecting the professional culture: insights from the IT "black box".High technology industryCarayannis, Elias G., Sagi, John
External communication determinants of innovation in the context of a newly industrialised country: a comparison of objective and perceptual results from Greece.High technology industrySouitaris, Vangelis
Indian system of innovation in biotechnology - a case study of cardamom.High technology industryMehra, Kavita
Innovation diffusion: research agenda for developing economies.(Brief Article)High technology industryDa Silveira, Giovani
Managing uncertainty in research and development.High technology industryDoctor, R.N., Newton, D.P., Pearson, A.
Operations strategies of banks -- using new technologies for competitive advantage.(Brief Article)High technology industryGupta, Mahesh C., Czernik, Anthony, Sharma, Ramji D.
Patent statistics: deciphering a `real' versus a `pseudo' proxy of innovation.(Brief Article)High technology industryWatanabe, Chihiro, Tsuji, Youichirou S., Griffy-Brown, Charla
Sociometric location and innovation: how the social network intervenes between the structural position of early adopters and changes in the power map.High technology industryMacri, Diego Maria, Tagliaventi, Maria Rita, Bertolotti, Fabiola
The government strategy for the upgrading of industrial technology in Taiwan.High technology industryHsu, Chiung-Wen, Chiang, Hsueh-Chiao
Unification of South and North Korean innovation systems.High technology industryChung, Sunyang
Virtual, wireless mannah: a co-opetitive analysis of the broadband satellite industry.(Brief Article)High technology industryCarayannis, Elias G., Alexander, Jeffrey
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