Telemarketing 1985 - Abstracts

Telemarketing 1985
Become a Telemarketing Hiring Specialists with the 27 Points Hiring System.BusinessLinchitz, J., Kerby, L.
Cons Are Pros at Inbound Telemarketing.BusinessOpalinski, U.S.
Electronic Mail: New Steps, Broader Applications.BusinessKaufman, G.
Facts about FAX: the Telemarketing Roundup of Facsimile Manufacturers.Business 
Ground Rules for Making a Telephone System Purchasing Decision.BusinessKennedy, C.D.
How Not To Telemarket.BusinessTehrani, N.
How to Create a Sales Smart Customer Service Department.BusinessMitterling, K., Rue, R.
How to Hire Top-Notch Telemarketers thorugh Selective Screening.BusinessMasters, R.L.
Is Your Ad Really Selling?BusinessTehrani, N.
Key Systems - Key Manufactures.Business 
Key Versus PBX - Changes to Date.BusinessReganato, P.A.
Put On Your Telemarketing Recuiter's Hat - Its Unique to All Others.BusinessMonson, J.L.
Sales & Service: A Winning Combination.BusinessDelaney, J.W.
Telecommunications and the Law: Detariffing Decision - Its Effect on Independent Telcos' CPE.BusinessLipman, A.D.
Telemarketing Implementation: A Matter of Marketing Strategy.BusinessTaylor, H.D.Jr.
Telemarking: An Integrated Sales Component?BusinessLener-Ciancio, L.
The Science of Sales Diagnostics.BusinessFagin, B.
The Telecommunications Management-Telemarketing Relationship.BusinessWaite, A.J.
The Telemarketing Tour of Telemaketers' Telecommunications Systems.Business 
USTA-USTSA Southern Telecommunications Showcase '85.Business 
Who Pays for 'Short Calls'?: FCC Specifies Charging Practices.BusinessLipman, A.D.
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