The Accountant 1983 - Abstracts

The Accountant 1983
Actual Tax Earnings - A Re-Assessment.BusinessInglis, K., Jones, A., Frankiss, E.
Car Leasing for Business.Business 
Cars for Partners - Examining the Options.BusinessDavey, N.
Charity Treasurer - An Accountant's Occupational Hazard.BusinessCorbett, V.
Commodity Transactions and the Private Investor.BusinessSandy, C.
Company Car Profile.Business 
Donations - Responding to Recession.BusinessWaters, R.
EEC - The Athens Debacle.BusinessBailey, R.
Efficient Fuel Management.Business 
Finance Leasing - An Actuarial Approach.BusinessCarne, S.
Inland Revenue Unveil Proposals on Off-Shore Funds.BusinessLawson, D.
Insurance Bonds - Their Role in Financial Planning.BusinessBean, B.
Interest on Eurobonds and Pension Funds and LIFFE.Business 
International Auditing Profile.BusinessOwles, D.
Liability Insurance for Company, Partnership and Trust Officers.BusinessGaselee, J.
Management Buy-Outs - Avoiding the Tax Pitfalls.BusinessDavies, J.
Maximising CGT Retirement Relief.BusinessSandy, C.
Microbusiness.BusinessNewman, C.
Microcomputer-Based Systems.Business 
Off-Shore Funds - What's Left?BusinessCarnegy, D.F.
Property Transactions and the Businessman.BusinessGoldstein, M.
Proposals for Early Leavers' Rights Revealed.Business 
Takeovers and Mergers - What about My Pension?BusinessJagelman, R.
Taxation of Company Cars.Business 
The Autumn Financial Statement.Business 
The Contract Hire Equation.Business 
The ECU - An Emerging Corporate Finance tool?BusinessEvans, D.
The EMS Conundrum.BusinessBailey, R.
The New Top Man.Business 
The Powerful Systems.Business 
The Purchase of Private Company Shares.BusinessFarmer, A.
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