The Insiders' Chronicle 1983 - Abstracts

The Insiders' Chronicle 1983
Analyst hails Bankers Trust wholesale banking transition.BusinessMehlman, William
Banner parks trucks, draws buyers, fresh market interest.BusinessMehlman, William
Brock Hotel insider buying challenges low stock price.BusinessMehlman, William
Conquest betting technology can beat wildcatting odds.BusinessMehlman, William
Conrock to benefit from road repair bonanza.BusinessMehlman, William
CTS 'growth plan' targets data, auto electronic markets.BusinessMehlman, William
Delta insider buys suggest reversal on earnings plunge.BusinessMehlman, William
Gerber gearing for predicted surge in first child births.BusinessMehlman, William
Gould completing transition to high technology company.BusinessMehlman, William
Gulfstream finds a market for $13 million luxury jet.BusinessMehlman, William
Hannaford widens Northern New England grocery turf.BusinessMehlman, William
Insiders issue wakeup call for Ohio-Sealy Mattress.BusinessMehlman, William
Johnson Controls purchases point up market share clout.BusinessMehlman, William
Justin Industries viewed as promising recovery bet.BusinessMehlman, William
Lancaster Colony widening its coterie of followers.BusinessMehlman, William
LDBrinkman on flying carpet ride to new profit heights.BusinessMehlman, William
Low outlays seen as boon to Oklahoma G&E's returns.BusinessMehlman, William
Market fancies Penney's fashionable new profile.BusinessMehlman, William
MEDIQ pegged for 30% growth rate through 1986.BusinessMehlman, William
Mergers elevate Sun Banks to Florida banking stardom.BusinessMehlman, William
Midway's aim at business traveler hits market target.BusinessMehlman, William
New CEO sharpens profit focus on Michigan General.BusinessMehlman, William
Newell's 'creative' financing, Mirro merger, excites market.BusinessMehlman, William
New lens products leading rebound for Bausch & Lomb.BusinessMehlman, William
Paradyne fans remain firm, SEC suit rated overblown.BusinessMehlman, William
Pundits project big earnings advances for City Investing.BusinessMehlman, William
Ralston Purina boss backs philosophy with stocks buy.BusinessMehlman, William
Rebuilt Atlanta firm believed poised for major realty role.BusinessMehlman, William
REDM returns stir interest of Boston investment group.BusinessMehlman, William
Reeves views fiscal 1983 growth, but a slower pace.BusinessMehlman, William
Restructure, R&D add shine to Warner-Lambert's RX.BusinessMehlman, William
Rexham riding out recession on technological strength.BusinessMehlman, William
Rexham's stock repurchase nets Posner $2 million profit.BusinessMehlman, William
Royal Crown buying stirs talk of possible merger bid.BusinessMehlman, William
Seagull profit slide reversed by pipeline laying income.BusinessMehlman, William
Singer's aerospace growth kindles market excitement.BusinessMehlman, William
Southern invasion revives Coors 'mystique,' earnings.BusinessMehlman, William
Staff Builders is widening stake in home health care.BusinessMehlman, William
Tougher regulation unlikely to stifle Texas utilities.BusinessMehlman, William
Traffic growth seen as key to Muse Air profit leverage.BusinessMehlman, William
Tyson Foods draws heavy buying from two insiders.BusinessMehlman, William
UMC pinning resurgence hopes on defense units.BusinessMehlman, William
Universal Tel. finds hot line under pile of wrong numbers.BusinessMehlman, William
Wheelabrator merger casts fresh light on Signal Cos.BusinessMehlman, William
Williams seen benefitting from video game shakeout.BusinessMehlman, William
Winners insiders bet heavily on 'upscale chicken' concept.BusinessMehlman, William
Zenith's high-tech profile widens as TV sales boom.BusinessMehlman, William
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