The Journal of Government Financial Management 2004 - Abstracts

The Journal of Government Financial Management 2004
Accounting ethics... imagine that.GovernmentMetzger, Lwrence M.
Accounting for internal use software.(Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standard (SFFAS) No. 10)GovernmentBerkowitz, Steven J.
Audit Federal Financial Controls: Sooner rather than later? Would Sarbanes-Oxley benefit federal financial management?GovernmentTierney, Cornelius E., Kearney, Edward F., Fernandez, Roldan
Auditing ethics: Make them an offer they can't refuse.(analysis of ethical climate)GovernmentWaring, Colleen G., Daugherty, C'Anne
Case Study for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).GovernmentMaitner, Robert E., Jr., Otero, Jorge
Construction: Contract auditing in local government entities.GovernmentCashell, James D., Aldhizer, George R. III
Cost management in the public sector: a case for functional cost analysis.GovernmentRobbins, Walter A., Kee, Robert C.
From dusty notebook to Web-based workflow tools: procedures enter a new era.GovernmentUlans, Greg, Sherman, Carolyn
Getting beyond green: A practitioner's perspective.(financial information )GovernmentBerkowitz, Steven J.
Getting to green.GovernmentCamara, Christina M.
Implementation International Accounting Standards (IAS) implementation in Mongolia.GovernmentDondog, L.
Improving performance reporting for government: New guidance and resources.(Government Accounting Standards Board)GovernmentPatton, Terry K., Fountain, James R., Steinberg, Harold I.
Inter-country public sector comparisons and harmonization of international accounting, auditing and regulation.GovernmentWallace, Wanda A.
International corruption: The Republic of Indonesia is strengthening the ability of its auditors to battle corruption.GovernmentZacchea, Nicholas M., Widjajabrata, Safaat
IRS accrual process.(Internal Revenue Service )GovernmentMcKenzie, Raymond R. Jr.
Municipal financial reporting on the World Wide Web.GovernmentGroff, James E., Pitman, Marshall K.
Performance budgeting in federal, state and local government.GovernmentRivenbark, William C., Kelly, Janet M.
Practical approaches for improving project success.GovernmentThomas, Glenn A., Jajodia, Shyam
Preventing organizational ethical collapse.GovernmentJennings, Marianne M.
Public sector corruption in Bolivia.GovernmentMurphy, David S.
Should financial reporting standards be established for budget reports in the public sector?GovernmentHuges, Jesse W., Points, Ronald
SSA, EPA rewarded with a green light on scorecard.(Social Security Administration)(Environmental Protection Agency)GovernmentCamara, Christina M.
State budget update: Have states turned the corner?.GovernmentChamberlain, Don H.
The case for new federal budget concepts and benchmarks.GovernmentDeSeve, G. Edward
The Certificate of Excellence in Accountability Reporting (CEAR) Program: Six years of success.GovernmentSteinberg, Harold I.
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