The Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies 1993 - Abstracts

The Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies 1993
Continuous switching of techniques in linear production models. (implications for capital and distribution theory)Social sciencesBellino, Enrico
From hour to hour in the foreign exchange market.Social sciencesGoodhart, C.A.E., Giugale, M.
On the exchange rate of the dollar: market fundamentals versus speculative bubbles.Social sciencesPittis, Nikitas
On the possible costs of European Monetary Union.Social sciencesVines, D., Hallett, A.J.Hughes
Testing a flow model of capital flight in five European countries. (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece)Social sciencesGibson, Heather D., Tsakalotos, Euclid
Testing search theory.Social sciencesHey, John D.
The determinants of bankruptcies in the U.K.: 1971-1988.Social sciencesHudson, John, Cuthbertson, Keith
Theories of economic evolution: a preliminary taxonomy.Social sciencesHodgson, Geoffrey M.
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