Venture - Abstracts

Add-Ons for Car Phones.Business, generalKay, M.
A Hands-Off Investment Pays Off.Business, generalBlack, P.
And Now, the Multicomputer.Business, generalRoth, C.
Artificial Intelligence: The Next Evolutionary Step.Business, generalMahon, T.
Choosing a Portable.Business, generalGupta, U.
Computer Protection for Sale.Business, generalAndrews, E.L.
Computers: Upkeep Reminder.Business, generalKane, S.
Dialing for Dollars.Business, generalRosenberg, M.
Executive Workstations.Business, general 
First Byte Polishes Its Talking Apple.Business, generalHelm, S.
Leave the Assembly to Us.Business, generalLewis, G.
Mailing by Computers.Business, generalde Paolo, R.
Mainframes Get Their Spreadsheets.Business, generalLevine, J.
Motion Analysis Stops the Action.Business, generalD'Amico, M.
Outline Software.Business, generalRussell, S.
Pencept Tries Again.Business, generalRochester, J.
Preventing Down-Time.Business, generalKnox, A.
Profits from Being in Between.Business, generalGupta, U.
Riding On the Coattails Of Convergent.Business, generalSullivan, B.
Security For Modems.Business, generalHedgecock, C.
Self-Help For Computer Novices.Business, generalAlper, A.
Software That Makes Music.Business, generalHedgecock, C.
S'Printing Forward.Business, generalAdamsak, P.
Testing for 'Worms'.Business, generalHedgecock, C.
Used Computers Find Homes.Business, generalRosenberg, M.
'Watchdog' Computers and Phones.Business, generalReynolds, L.
Which Data Base System Is Best?Business, generalGreenwald, J.
Workstations For Executives.Business, generalvon Robag, A.
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