WorkingUSA 2004 - Abstracts

WorkingUSA 2004
Building power in the new economy: The South Bay Labor Council.Human resources and labor relationsByrd, Barbara, Rhee, Nari
Confronting Houston's demographic shift: The Harris County AFL-CIO.Human resources and labor relationsKarson, Tom
Consolidation and labor in arts and entertainment: a peek at clear channel.Human resources and labor relationsRichardson, Damone, Figueroa, Maria
Dynamic political mobilization: The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.Human resources and labor relationsFrand, Larry, Wong, Kent
Employer opinions on living wage initiatives.Human resources and labor relationsGrant, Don, Trautner, Mary Nell
Labor and corporate governance: initial lessons from shareholder activism.Human resources and labor relationsChakrabarti, Monami
Labor and Spanish-language broadcasters.Human resources and labor relationsValenzuala, Abel Jr., Hunt, Darnell
Making unions more accessible to Latino workers.Human resources and labor relationsLund, John
Organizing for (spare) change?: a radical politics for American labor.Human resources and labor relationsDay, Benjamin
Rebellion, class, and labor in Argentine society.Human resources and labor relationsRanis, Peter
Starting down the road to power: The Denver Area Labor Federation.Human resources and labor relationsNelson, Mark, Luce, Stephanie
Taking back America for working people: Community by community.Human resources and labor relationsColburn, Bruce
The failure of organizing, the new unity partnership, and the future of the labor movement.Human resources and labor relationsHurd, Richard
Unions wrestle with corporate codes of conduct.Human resources and labor relationsFrundt, Henry J.
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