YM 2001 - Abstracts

YM 2001
10 myths about smoking: more than a quarter of high school students smoke. Yuck.General interestFox, Marisa
8 ways to tame the PMS monster.(premenstrual syndrome)General interestMicco, Nicci
Almost legal.(Justin Timberlake)General interestAdams, Patty
American Pie 2.(making of film and cast members)(Cover Story)General interestVitrano, Alyssa, Adams, Patty, Gazan, Ali
Angel vs. devil.(singer Britney Spears)(Cover Story)General interestAdams, Patty
Anyone could be homeless: a girl who has been there now helps others.(Do Something)(Column)General interestLeonard, Jennifer
At home with O-Town.General interestAdams, Patty
Attack of the super sibling.General interestGilbert, Laura
Bare with us: how to make your bikini line hair-free.(Step-By-Step)(Column)General interestAsplundh, Meredith
Blind-date diaries.General interestKim, Jeannie
Chicks with sticks.General interestLyle, Sara
Diary of a nailbiter.General interestSchulte-Hillen, Sophie
Diet makeovers: four teenagers learn how to eat better.General interestGillespie, Spike
Dingdong...oh my God! MTV's outside.(filming of 'TRL: At Your House' at person's home)General interestRosen, Molly
Dream vs. reality.(YM Stars)(rock group Dream - interview)(Column)General interest 
Flaunt it: abs that'll make you conceited.(Health)(Column)General interestZeide, Elana
Ghost hunt: we spend the night in a haunted house.General interestGlassman, Melissa Robyn
Going Dutch.(Ebony Angels - jump rope)General interest 
Has celebrity changed 'nsync? We grill the guys to see if the money and fame has gone to their heads.(Cover Story)General interestAdams, Patty
How to be more like a rock star: cool lessons from ultra-hip band The Donnas.General interestGlassman, Melissa
How to be popular: is it worth the hassle? Two It Girls share the 19 rules that got them where they are today.General interestRosen, Molly
How to flirt.General interestScott, Kieran
Is it cool to be a virgin?General interestGlassman, Sara
It happened here.(Santee, CA, high school shootings)General interestBury, Martine
I want to be in YM.General interestKemp, Kristen, Bury, Martine
I was a Real World reject.(would-be actors)General interest 
I was a wannabe model.General interestOnion, Rebecca
I was paralyzed: Andrea Woods defied everyone and joined the boys football team. Then a scary injury left her unable to walk.General interestNerz, Ryan, Woods, Andrea
Josie and the Pussycats offstage.(Interview)General interestVerglas, Antoine, Cibul, Julia
Look what we made.(customized jeans)General interestFrancisco, Elaine
Missing them.(how teenagers cope with death)General interestWright, Heather Keets
On the road with Blink-182: tales from the tour bus.(music group)General interestAdams, Patty
On the verge: Ronan Keating.(singer)(Interview)General interestGhorbani, Liza
O-town's big splash.(music group)(Cover Story)General interestAdams, Patty
Players: don't be fooled by these guys.General interestGuerra, Gigi
Popstar pajama party.General interestSullivan, Michelle
Princess Jamie.General interestFox, Marisa
Sandra Bullock: what I was like in high school.(Yearbook)(Column)General interestBullock, Sandra
September 11 changed everything.General interestSmith, Ethan
Sum 41: punks new princes totally gross us out - but we love them anyway.General interestGazan, Ali
Surfer girl: learning to ride the waves.General interestGlassman, Melissa
The kids who run MTV.(young adults who work at MTV)(Brief Article)General interestFox, Marisa
This girl gets through anything.(actress Drew Barrymore)(Cover Story)(Interview)General interestVitrano, Alyssa
Ticket master.(fan waits 29.5 hours for 'N Sync tickets)(We Try It)(Column)General interestSiegal, Jana
Toes! toes! toes!(pedicures)(Step-By-Step)(Column)General interestRosen, Molly
Tomczak, Sarah.General interestTomczak, Sarah
To the rescue: meet four girls who live for the water.(lifeguards)(YM Diary)(Column)General interestLeonard, Jennifer
We make Mandy take off her clothes!(Mandy Moore)(YM Stars)(Cover Story)(Interview)General interestRolston, Matthew, Vitrano, Alyssa
We saw it all.General interestLockman, Darcy
Where the wild things are: give animals near you a place to crash.(Do Something)General interestBarth, Linda
Who is this Shakira girl?General interestVitrano, Alyssa
Who knows you best?(confidants)General interestSiegal, Jana
Winning artist.(Your Room)(Review)General interestPalmer, Jay
Wonder twins.(twins who are fashion models)General interestBury, Martine
Won't leave home without it!(rock stars on the road)(Cover Story)General interestVitrano, Alyssa
You are all a bunch of cheaters.(cheating in school by teenagers)General interestBanin, Jana Siegal
Your first trip to the gynecologist: it won't be scary after you read this.(Health)(Column)General interestReath, Virginia, Clarke, Mary
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