YM 2004 - Abstracts

YM 2004
10 ways to feel great about your body: easy tips for making friends with your stomach, calves, thighs-even your butt.General interestOnion, Rebecca
30 going on 13.(Interview)General interestVitrano, Alyssa
Action, on and offscreen.General interestStrellis, Paisley
Animal rights.General interestBarth, Linda
Are the rumors true?General interestGazan, Ali
Ask anything.(Interview)General interestGazan, Ali
At-home haircolor: Everything you need to pull off the perfect dye.General interestFedida, Cindy
Awesome opportunities.General interestAdams, Patty
Crowd-please.(Good Charlotte band)General interestAdams, Patty
Everything freshman year.General interestStrellis, Paisley
Go, speed racer!General interestBury, Martine
Great inspiration.(Donnas)General interestGazan, Ali
Hanging with Rooney.(Rooney band)General interestAdams, Patty
Having fun looks good.General interestSosienski, Shanti
Hip-hop with a heart.(interview of Rapper Nelly)(Interview)General interestGazan, Ali
How to ask him out.General interestBarth, Linda
How to be good...General interestAdams, Patty
"I have ADHD".(attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)General interestOnion, Rebecca
I quit.General interestStrellis, Paisley
"It's just me and my horse".General interestOnion, Rebecca
Long-distance love.(married life of the travelers)General interestBerkow, Jordan Reid
Making magic: Harry Potter has cast a spell on the whole world.General interestGazan, Ali
Meet the parents.General interestBarth, Linda
My life is a road trip.General interestSchrade, Lauren C.
"My medicine almost killed me".General interestGlassman, Melissa R.
"My parents are gay".General interestBarth, Linda
o I survived crystal metho.(Crystal)(Julia)(Drug patients)General interestBarth, Linda
Pure and natural.(Skin care)General interestFedida, Cindy
Racism.General interestBarth, Linda
Reading, writing, and prenatal care.General interestLeonard, Jennifer
Ready for the runway?(America's Next Top Model)General interestDady, Suzanne
Sexism: Next time someone tells you that you throw like a girl, say thank you.General interestBarth, Linda
She survived. Now what?General interestHaynes, Esther
Simply, Paris.General interestAdams, Patty
Sister who rocks.(Ashlee Simpson)General interest 
Sleep much? .General interestBrashich, Audrey D.
Step off!!!General interestGlassman, Melissa R.
Surviving high school - Twice.General interestAdams, Patty
The last time.(Interview)(Interview)General interestAdams, Patty
The nubby capelet.General interestSchulner, Lisa
The simple life?(Amish girl)General interestLyle, Sara
Tom Welling: a question mark wrapped in an enigma.(Interview)General interestAdams, Patty
Too young to get skin cancer?General interestSims, Jacky
Underground music.General interestLeonard, Jennifer
War and peace.General interestLazar, Nicky
What cracks me up?General interestAdams, Patty
What makes Kate so cool?(Kate Hudson)General interestVitrano, Alyssa
Will they last?General interestAdams, Patty
YM's shockingly helpful guide to landing an awesome internship.General interestGlassman, Melissa R.
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