Car and Driver 1995 Steven Cole Smith - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1995 Steven Cole Smith
1995 Bridgestone/Hooters One Lap of America.(automobile race)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
Audi A4 Quattro.(Evaluation)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
Corvette Grand Sport.(1996 New Cars)(Evaluation)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
In the cave of the glowing skulls. (driving to archeological site in the Honduran jungle)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
Paint your wagons (or dog biscuit them). (Houston Art Car Parade)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
The other guys.(1995 Bridgestone/Hooters One Lap of America car race)(includes race results)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
Toyota T100 Xtracab DX.(Evaluation) (Evaluation)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
What does the future hold for Ford SVT? (Ford Special Vehicle Team)AutomobilesSteven Cole Smith
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