Car and Driver 1999 Patrick Bedard - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1999 Patrick Bedard
Auto insurers get in deep cahoots with credit bureaus.AutomobilesPATRICK BEDARD
Filling up with clean, free wind, and other EV fantasies.(alternative energy sources; electrical vehicle)AutomobilesPATRICK BEDARD
Freedom of speech: Does that include straight pipes.(motorcycles are sometimes loud)AutomobilesPATRICK BEDARD
Little Big Fun.(automobile comparison)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPATRICK BEDARD
Remember the energy crisis? It's over. Pass the word.(regulations should reflect end of oil crisis)(Column)AutomobilesPATRICK BEDARD
Toyota Prius Hybrid.(automobile)(Abstract)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPATRICK BEDARD
Volvo S80 T6.(includes related articles)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPATRICK BEDARD
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