Gourmet 1997 MichaEL Stern - Abstracts

Gourmet 1997 MichaEL Stern
Birmingham, Alabama: a city dining guide. (includes a recipe for grilled fig and prosciutto, a listing of restaurants, and a brief description of four barbecue places)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Charleston, S.C.: low country cooking.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Curbside, America: drive-in restaurants.(includes recipes of burgers and chocolate milk shakes)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Gimme shelter: an ode to roadside lodgings.Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Havana, North Dakota Farmer's Inn.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Key West, Florida: dining in paradise.(includes directory of mail order food companies)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Key West, Florida: dining in paradise. (restaurants in Key West)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Santa Fe: green chile cheeseburgers.(includes recipe and list of restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn: Lundy's. (includes recipes)(New York, NY)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
Utah road trip. (guide to restaurants)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Stern, Jane Stern
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