Hospitals 1992 Terese Hudson - Abstracts

Hospitals 1992 Terese Hudson
12 cost-cutting measures: hospitals use creative ideas to gain control of expenses.Health care industryJulie Johnsson, Paula Eubanks, Howard J. Anderson, Terese Hudson, Rob Hard
Cities, counties address access needs with hospital partnerships.Health care industryTerese Hudson
Documentation crucial to ED risk management. (emergency department) (Inside Track)Health care industryTerese Hudson
Health care reform advocates urge changes to antitrust laws.Health care industryTerese Hudson
Hospitals find ways to integrate risk-management functions. (includes related article on American Society for Healthcare Risk Management)Health care industryTerese Hudson
Hospitals strive to provide communities with benefits. (community benefit standard programs) (Cover Story)Health care industryTerese Hudson
Laboratory regulations create new opportunities for hospitals. (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 become effective )Health care industryTerese Hudson
New test? Hanlester decision clamps down on MD ventures. (Hanlester Network, joint ventures with physician investors)Health care industryTerese Hudson
Observers see Clinton moving quickly on health care reform. (includes a related article on Clinton's health care reform proposal)Health care industryMark Hagland, Terese Hudson, Kevin Lumsdon
Riots in Los Angeles; being prepared: a lesson well-learned for area facilities. (includes related articles) (Cover Story)Health care industryTerese Hudson
States extend message of Stark referral bill. (Congressman Fortney H. Stark; self-referrals by physicians)Health care industryTerese Hudson
States scramble for solutions under new Medicaid law.Health care industryTerese Hudson
Surrogate health care laws help hospitals. (surrogate decision-makers for incompetent patients)Health care industryTerese Hudson
Tax-exempt challenges continue. (includes related article)Health care industryTerese Hudson
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