Investors Chronicle 1999 Oliver Williams - Abstracts

Investors Chronicle 1999 Oliver Williams
Big four jockey for position in industrial gases market.(world industrial gas market)(Industry Overview)BusinessOliver Williams
Chemistry goes missing as failed deal blurs simple vision: ICI, once the bellwether of UK industry, has suffered yet another setback in its attempt to reinvent itself.BusinessOliver Williams
Chose your partners for the aerospace waltz.(planned merger between Aerospatiale Matra and Dasa)BusinessOliver Williams
How to feel at home with family businesses.(investing in family businesses; includes related article)BusinessOliver Williams
No-panic guide to the bug attack.(impact of Year 2000 computer transition on different sectors in the United Kingdom; includes related articles)(Cover Story)BusinessSimon Thompson, Tim Green, Dan Oakey, Chris Dillow, Carole Haswell, Oliver Williams, Mark Wallace, George. Jemma, Davod Rothwell
Techmark: key data on high tech stocks.(market for United Kingdom technology stocks; includes related notes)BusinessDavid Rothwell, Oliver Williams, Caroline Sefton, Andrew Hore, Mark Wallace
Technology shares get singled out.(London Stock Exchange's techMARK initiative; includes related articles)BusinessDavid Rothwell, Oliver Williams, Nancy Daniel
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