Investors Chronicle 1999 Tim Green - Abstracts

Investors Chronicle 1999 Tim Green
BP Amoco bids 28.6 billion pounds sterling for Atlantic Richfield.BusinessTim Green
Centrica's bid sense hard to fathom.(Centrica bid for Automobile Association)BusinessTim Green
Henlys follows in UK bus operators' tyre tracks over to the US.(Henlys to acquire Blue Bird)BusinessTim Green
Is the great buy-back bonanza working?(impact of stock buy-backs)(Cover Story)BusinessTim Green
Kingfisher loses its prey.(strategy of Kingfisher following Wal-Mart bid for Asda)BusinessTim Green
Knock-out bid boosts Rolls' marine share.(Rolls-Royce bid for Vickers)BusinessTim Green
No-panic guide to the bug attack.(impact of Year 2000 computer transition on different sectors in the United Kingdom; includes related articles)(Cover Story)BusinessSimon Thompson, Tim Green, Dan Oakey, Chris Dillow, Carole Haswell, Oliver Williams, Mark Wallace, George. Jemma, Davod Rothwell
Oil explorer's 'major find' in Colombia.(Emerald Energy petroleum discovery in Colombia)BusinessTim Green
Steel structure that should stand the strains of Emu.(planned merger between British Steel and Hoogovens)BusinessTim Green
Strong oil price merits a closer look.(implications of petroleum price rise)BusinessTim Green
Vodaphone parks its tanks, nicely.(Vodaphone bid for Mannesmann; includes related articles)BusinessTim Green, Dan Oakey, Carole Haswell
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