Life 1993 - Abstracts

Life 1993
A cop's life. (Baltimore police officer Martin Young)General interestBarbara Maddux, John Kaplan
A letter to the reader. (Life Magazine's format changes) (Editorial)General interest 
Almanac. (events past and present in the month of August)General interest 
Almanac. (events past and present in the month of September 1993)General interest 
A most unearthly place. (Antarctica)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, Galen Rowell
A reflection on ice. (Glacier National Park)General interestGordon Wiltsie, Bil Gilbert
Baby, you can be a star. (actress-model Camilla Overbye Roos) (Cover Story)General interestBrad Darrach, David Hume Kennerly
Backstage: January 20, 1993. (Inauguration Day)General interestTaylor Branch, Bob McNeely
Beautiful losers. (actors and actresses who have never won an Academy Award)General interest 
Closing time. ('Cheers' ends its 11 season run on NBC)General interestBrad Darrach, Brian Lanker
Forever Cooperstown. (Cooperstown, New York)General interestWilfrid Sheed
Gunsmoke and mirrors. (Western movies)General interestRichard Slotkin
Havana heyday. (an American boy in Cuba in 1959)General interestRobert Plunket
How the West was won - and lost. (Old West chronology)General interest 
Inside the House on the hill: celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Capitol.General interestTodd Brewster, David Burnett, Fred J. Maroon
In the African night. (animal life in the Okavango delta, Botswana)General interestStephen Petranek, Frans Lanting
July. (historical and current events happening in July) (Almanac)General interest 
Life remembers '92. (major events) (Illustration)General interest 
Lord of the dragonflies. (photographer Gilles Martin)General interestDavid Van Biema, Tala Skari
Majestic monoliths rising. (Monument Valley, AZ)General interestJames Conaway
Michael in Wonderland. (Michael Jackson's home) (includes related article)General interestDavid Friend, Harry Benson
Mike Wallace: the grand inquisitor at 75. ('60 Minutes' journalist Mike Wallace)General interestHarry Benson, Brad Darrech
Ms. English goes to Washington. (Representative Karan English of Arizona)General interestCharles Hirshberg, Pete Souza
One hundred years of solitude. (Lakota medicine man Arvol Looking Horse)General interestSteve Marsh, Kenneth Jarecke
One little boy takes a week off from AIDS. (John Otero attends a camp for AIDS victims)General interestLynn Johnson, Elizabeth Royte
Our times. (babies abandoned by their rape-victim mothers in Bosnia-Herzegovina; includes anecdotes about Russia, statistics, American lifestyles, children and California)General interestTony Scherman
Our times. (high school baseball pitcher Kirk Presley and other anecdotes)General interest 
Our Times. (Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibit and other anecdotes)General interest 
Our Times. (success of food relief efforts in Somalia and other anecdotes)General interest 
Passages. (celebrities whose lives changed in 1992) (Illustration)General interest 
Private Elvis. (Elvis Presley's life as a Army private in Germany) (photos excerpted from the book, 'Private Presley: Elvis in Germany, The Missing Years)General interestPeter Bonventre, Andreas Schroer
Relative riches. (a wealthy extended family poses for a photograph)General interestNelson W. Aldrich IV
Scenes from a marriage. (Prince Charles and Princess Diana) (Cover Story)General interest 
Shawn's tree. (putting the star on the Rockefeller center Christmas tree)General interestSusan Sheehan
Stirring things up. (German immigrant Ernst Borinski remembered)General interestRoselles Brown
The 12th man. (basketball player Scott Hastings)General interestScott Gummer, Co Rentmeester
The 21-foot hairdo. (record breakers in India)General interestAnthony Spaeth, Dilip Mehta
The amazing minds of infants.General interestJoe McNally, Lisa Grunwald
The big picture. (summer)General interestCharles Hirshberg
The demobilization of Colin Powell. (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to retire)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, David Hume Kennerly
The enduring vision of Th. Jefferson. (Thomas Jefferson)General interestLisa Grunwald, Jay Maisel
The exhausting days and sleepless nights of a working teenager.General interestMiriam Bensimhon, Andy Levin
The faces of Islam.General interestLance Morrow, Abbas
The force of nature. (droughts, floods, thunderstorms and tornados)General interestStephen Petranek
The gift horses. (Bridgeport, Connecticut merry-go-round horses)General interestJan Mason, Michael O'Neill
The great white chief. (Randy Borman, white chief of a Cofan Indian village)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, Maggie Steber
The last days of Shangri-La.General interestLynn Johnson, Claudia Glenn Dowling
The man with he badge. (Western sheriff)General interestJay Dickman, Naomi Cutner
The marriage of Mrs. and Mr. Erma Bombeck. (humorist and her husband)General interestPeggy Sirota
The most rehabilitated prisoner in America. (Wilber Rideau)General interestGeorge Howe Colt, John Loengard
The old ball game. (minor league and amateur baseball) (book excerpt from 'Baseball Days')General interestHenry Horenstein, Bill Littlefield
The people in the pictures. (models for Norman Rockwell paintings)General interestAllison Adato, Abe Frajndlich
The secret of Dr. Barnes. (the art collection of Dr. Albert C. Barnes)General interestPaula Glatzer
The unknown Anne Frank.General interestMarilyn Johnson
The Wild West will never die.General interestWilliam Albert Allard, Tony Hillerman
Tributes. (celebrity deaths, 1992) (Illustration)General interest 
True grit. (women of the old and new West)General interestJoe McNally, Melissa Stanton
Two grandfathers.General interestWilliam Kennedy
When mother needs mothering. (caring for an aging parent)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, Dana Fineman
Wynton Marsalis: the professor of swing. (jazz musician)General interestTony Scherman
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