Photo Marketing 2000 Jennifer Barr Kruger - Abstracts

Photo Marketing 2000 Jennifer Barr Kruger
Adolph Gasser Inc.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
B2B2C: businesses help businesses reach consumers online.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
BPI (re)makes history with museum replicas.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Creve Coeur Camera.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
CSI Camera Repair/Beck's One-Hour Photofinishing.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Digital minilabs offer opportunities to commercial imagers.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
District Photo celebrates the past, embraces the future.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Employee recognition leads to great service.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Franchising offers unique opportunities.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Industry leaders offer retailers suggestions on keeping pace with change.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Kids go digital.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Kiosks - it's all about connectivity.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
O.J. Photo Supply Inc.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
One step ahead.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Online printing sites create new options.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Printing Resources of Southern California follows customers to success.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Regional roundup: Seattle, Washington.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Ritz Camera, Hallidie Plaza.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Scrapbooking - not just a passing trend.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Staying ahead of the retail game.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Strictly Black & White - a lab with a mission.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
The connected retailer.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Using temps and contractors: creating a win-win situation.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
Wolf Camera Church and Market.BusinessJennifer Barr Kruger
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