Road & Track 1993 Paul Frere - Abstracts

Road & Track 1993 Paul Frere
1994 Porsche 911. (Sneak Preview) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPaul Frere
A new ruler on the throne in Bavaria. (president of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG)(Letter from Europe)AutomobilesPaul Frere
BMW M3: superb, as expected. (Ampersand)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Bugatti - a most incredible project. (Letter from Europe) (Column)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Dateline: Porsche - bad news for Boxster fans, good news for racing. (Ampersand)AutomobilesPaul Frere
European Car of the Year. (Letter from Europe; Ampersand) (Column)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Ford Mondeo. (First Drive) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Lamborghini Diablo VT. (includes related article on Ferruccio Lamborghini) (Evaluation)AutomobilesSam Mitani, Paul Frere
Milan to Monte Carlo: Dodge Viper in Europe.AutomobilesPaul Frere
Piech and VW: beyond the pale. (Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen AG)(Letter from Europe) (Column)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Porsche faces life; is the German carmaker on the road to recovery - or disaster?AutomobilesPaul Frere
Porsche trumps its Turbo. (Ampersand)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Ruf 911 BTR 2. (First Drive)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Ruf BR2 Turbo: two-pedal Porsche. (First Drive)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Safety: north and south. (Letter from Europe) (Column)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Yet another brace of new Audi models. (Letter from Europe) (Column)AutomobilesPaul Frere
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